Recently, Papa John’s Pizza opened up near La Salle specifically at the newly renovated University Mall. I love pizza and I have heard good things about Papa John’s. I’ve been meaning to eat there actually so when an invitation to try Papa John’s at their Greenhills branch came up, you bet your boots I jumped on the chance!

That’s me taking the liberty of getting the first pizza slice! We ordered the Super Papa pizza although my friend Ryan originally wanted to try the All Meat pizza which are both best sellers by the way. I chose Super Papa because I personally like pizza with a lot of toppings. And by toppings I mean the likes of bell peppers and olives! Medium sized Super Papa costs P450 and it already comes with a garlic butter sauce dip for the crust.

I loved that garlic butter dip! And I loved that it’s included already at the cost of P450. If you order Pizza Hut’s Cheesy Pops cheesy dip, it’ll cost extra.

We also tried a couple of pasta. I had the penne spaghetti bolognaise and my friends ordered the spaghetti Diablo Burst. If you like hot and spicy, you’ll like Diablo Burst.

We really brought our appetites when we went to Papa John’s so we also ordered side dishes: Chicken and Mushroom and Baked Italian Meatballs.

Those tomato and garlic butter dips are lurve! It gave the Chicken and Mushroom the extra “oomph” it needed on its taste.

We watched it all down with these oh-so-sweet Italian sodas. I think they’re pretty new here in the Philippines. I mean most of the pizza joints in the Metro offer beverages like Coke or Pepsi soda products and iced tea so if you’re eating at Papa John’s suggest you try these instead.

The remnants of a satisfactory meal. We didn’t get to finish everything so we just brought the left overs home. But we enjoyed having dinner at Papa John’s. They currently have four branches in the Metro right now: Robinson’s Galleria, Megamall, Greenhills and Vito Cruz Taft.

My friend and I posing for the camera. Ryan was with us but he was the one who took the photos so there’s no shot of him or all three of us together. Anyway, don’t just take my word for it. Go try Papa John’s for yourselves if you haven’t eaten there yet. Oh and do check out the write up I made on this on