Just recently, I tagged along with my friend Ryan to Marriott Hotel Manila to attend the launch of Thai Kingdom Come – a Thai food festival event happening the whole month of July. We looked so posh that day. I’ll post my outfit shot on another post. Everyone who was invited to the launch were all dressed up. I totally loved being there.

Some Thai folk dance entertainment for the guests were held during the Thai Kingdom Come event.

Love this crab meat rice. Couldn’t get enough of it.

I also couldn’t get enough of this fish!

Spicy Roast Duck

Radish Cake

This event only makes me excited to visit Thailand. My friends and I have plans of going on our first ever out of the country trip. Hopefully that works out! But for now, it was enough to have a taste of Thailand at Marriott. If you want to try this, the Thai buffet will be available at the Marriott Cafe for P17750 per head.

Photo credit: Ryan Torrejos