Before Serena van der Woodsen was brought to life on the small screen by Blake Lively and before Blair Waldorf was brought to life by Leighton Meester, I already loved Gossip Girl – the book series. I remember collecting the books, anxiously waiting for the next book to become available at Powerbooks. I got lost in the pages of Gossip Girl, imagining the glitzy world of the Upper East Side and basically constantly waiting to see how the love triangle of Blair-Nate-Serena would turn out. And when the stories of these characters ended in the Gossip Girl books, I felt sad…

Then one time while I was browsing the bookstore with my friends, Mai and Ryan, I found this book:

Cecily von Ziegesar came out with another Gossip Girl book with the characters I’ve grown to love. Nate, Dan, Serena, Vanessa, Blair and Chuck were all back in New York, a little older than they used to be but still truly delightful. 
Well, when my friend Mai bought it, you bet I borrowed it from her as soon as she was done reading it. Typhoon Pedring gave me the break I needed to finally read it. Still a great read I will tell you that much. I read it in one sitting even until dusk came along. Not even not having electricity could make me put down the book until I finished it. 
I highly recommend Gossip Girl fans to read this. Not just I Will Always Love You but the entire series with the original casts.