I had a blast the first time I went on the Carlos Celdran Walk This Way – Intramuros tour.
And so when I was given the chance by When in Manila to experience the Livin La
Vida Imelda Tour I said to Vince, absolutely yes! This time, I was with my
friend, Mai Ann.

The meet up point was inside CCP. Mai and I got there early
so guess what we did? We took pictures of course. 

Admiring the photos on display while waiting for the tour to start


I enjoyed the Walk This Way Intramuros Tour I did with Ryan so
I was excited to go on the Livin La Vida Imelda Tour. Carlos did not disappoint.   

Carlos Celdran himself, the most entertaining tour guide I’ve encountered!    

The Livin
La Vida Imelda Tour is about the life of the Philippines’ former first
lady, Imelda Romualdez Marcos! I know of Imelda from Philippine history I took in school where she was always portrayed as a woman of
beauty, poise and elegance. In school, we never tackled her earlier life struggles nor did we talk about her love life. We never really talked about her struggles in her earlier life nor did we ever touch much about her love life. 
But through Carlos Celdran’s tour, I learned so much more about Imelda thanks to the trivia he shared about the former first lady, Imelda
Marcos. Did you know that Imelda previously dated Ninoy Aquino Jr.? Yup! She did! But he dumped her and as history would tell us, Ninoy married another woman from Pampanga, Corazon Conjuangco.

It’s also in the tour where I learned that Imelda became the Muse of Manila only because she
wouldn’t take no for an answer after losing the Miss Manila pageant. She went to the Mayor of Manila and charmed him into giving her the title. Quite the scandal that caused.  

I thought Carlos
was pretty hilarious in this tour with his Imelda acts – from the way Imelda
holds her handkerchief and the way she talked – he’s got it all down.

There were e a lot of people who attended his tour – foreigners and Filipinos alike. On that Saturday afternoon, I think there were about 30 to 40 of us in the tour. One of them even caught my eye – hahaha! What a cutie. Too bad, he was there on a date with his equally pretty girlfriend. Oh well. He just really reminded me somehow of someone special in my life. 

A view outside CCP. Pretty nice.

Too bad photos
inside CCP is not allowed. I would have asked Mai Ann to take a photo of me
sitting inside the theater – ala Imelda Marcos watching a play. 
The next stop of
the tour was at Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), another
one of the really beautiful structures in Manila that the former first lady,
Imelda Marcos had Architect Leandro Locsin build.

It had been so long since I last stepped foot inside PICC
so when I did enter the premises again, I was instantly in awe seeing the view
that welcomed us. I will say kudos to Imelda for this building because it
definitely screams of elegance doesn’t it? Not only can we hold international beauty
pageants here, I bet we can even host a glitzy event such as the Oscars, Golden
Globe and Emmys here. All that’s needed is a red carpet rolled out from the
entrance stairs. Well that was actually the intent of our former first lady and
she really did a darn good job making this vision come true although when you
find out that she took Filipino people’s hard earned money to build these
buildings, you’d be outraged.  

Look at those elegant chandeliers. I can almost
imagine Imelda when this was being built and how she’s telling the architect “I
want people’s  jaws to drop in awe.”    

Story telling time with Carlos Celdran

Why go on this tour? It’s not boring at all! You’ll learn history the fun way! Plus you’re also walking around, going inside these gorgeous structures built to promote arts and culture (Imelda’s vision). He’s making you laugh too! 

Truly I learned a lot more about the life of Imelda Marcos from the Livin La Vida Imelda Tour and I’ve to say that getting to know more about the former first lady of the Philippines through this tour, I just can’t help but admire her. This is not to say I’m throwing away her role in Marcos’ dictatorship or anything. But you know, her life was real something you know?