Aside from shoes, another fashion item I can’t resist buying is accessories >>> necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches and rings! When I spot a really cute accessory, I almost always have to buy it ASAP. I’ve so many of them that I sometimes forget to wear some of them already to the dismay of my roommate of course because she says I’ve a lot of pretty accessories that don’t see the light of day. I also have one too many of ’em that I have to hide my latest buys from Mom because if and when she sees that I bought another, she will no doubt go bonkers and scold me. Luckily, I can sometimes pass it off as a shopping find of my roommate. I know! So shrewd of me! (“,)

Anyhoo, lemme show you my latest accessories from Avon taken with my latest Samsung WB150F digicam! 
My pretty earrings from Avon! 
Close up shot of the earring on my ear.  

                                                 My new Avon necklace (“,)

And here is my absolute fave out of the three I bought: An Avon ring!

                            Disclaimer: This is my roommate’s hand modeling my new fab ring.