A friend of mine decided to join the blogging world recently. Make him feel welcome and follow him here. (“,) His tumblr posts are going to be a mix of fashion, food and travel. So anyhow, he encouraged me to do fashion posts of my own as well. Not that I have any intentions of becoming a fashion blogger but because I do from time to time like to dress up, I thought I could do my own fashion posts as well. 
Now because I usually take photos of myself all dressed up just when I’m about to run out the door already, my photos are not very detailed. Mostly full body shots. But I’ll try to be more detailed in the near future. In the meantime, I’ll share some of my fashion picks.  
Outfit #1: I think I wore this when I was on my way to school. 
Tube top by Kamiseta
Black blazer by Ukay-Ukay 
Green Tassel Necklace by Holic Accessories 
Bracelets by  Holic Accessories 
Shoes by Sole Mates

Outfit #2: I wore this when I watched Phantom of the Opera with my friends last October.

Red Halter Dress by Bayo
Heels by The Ramp

Outfit #3: I wore this to a Halloween party I went to at Izumi with my friend, Maila, featured in this photo. 
Blue dress by Just G
Necklace by SM Accessories

Outfit #4: This is what I wore when I attended the wedding of a high school friend of mine at Malate Church back in April. 
Dress by Zara
Gold clutch from my Grandma’s closet
Pumps by Parisian 
Outfit #5: I wore this one to a Christmas dinner out with friends at Romulo Cafe, Jupiter branch. 
Dress by Chloe Edit, Zalora 

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