On the last weekend of November 2012, I went on another Eastern adventure with my two best friends, Ryan and Mai. We went to Antipolo, Rizal. Why Antipolo? Well, I was actually inspired by Sidetrip Magazine’s travel feature article on the province of Rizal.

We prayed at Antipolo church aka Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Parish, had lunch at Crescent Moon Cafe and took in the arts over at Pinto Gallery. Oh and we also got lost along the way. Super fun! (“,)

Lemme share with you some of the photos from our adventure:

This is us feeding the koi at Crescent Moon Cafe while waiting for lunch to be served. We didn’t have a reservation so we had to wait awhile for them to cook our meal. This was absolutely fun to do! Mai was pretty scared to put her hand in the water and let the koi eat out of the palm of her hand but Ryan and I, we delved right in! It tickles – their mouth on your palm.

This was us taking pictures inside the restaurant. It’s quite deserted as you can see. We were actually the only three customers there at the time this was taken. Edu Manzano came in with some companions after awhile. He’s so gwapo in person! Very mistiso.

There’s no menu at Crescent Moon by the way. They offer only one set meal for about 300php/head.

The food was good – saved for the dessert which was absolutely delish! Would I say it’s worth it? Well no. I guess the ambiance makes up for it. It was a beautiful and peaceful place.

We also went to check out some art collection at Pinto Art Gallery. It’s another beautiful place! In fact the outdoor scenery there is so amazing that it has become quite a popular place for pre-nup photoshoots.

I love this outdoor scenery at Pinto. Seriously. It just made me want to sit down in one of those sofas and read a book in peace with a cold Iced Tea on the table for when I get thirsty or sit down and just think about stuff and even daydream.

This is a view from the top. There’s a staircase there that allows you to go up and see this amazing view.

In fact, we just couldn’t let this beautiful background go without us in the picture.

And here are some of the art collections that caught my eyes:

And just in case you get hungry, there’s a quaint cafe in Pinto Art Gallery. They sell Bizu products. The restaurant area made me feel like I was transported in Greece.

And that concludes my Antipolo adventure folks. Actually, Antipolo is just one of the many places I’d like to explore in the Philippines and in Rizal province. When I find adventure friends to go with me again, I’d love to explore more places in Rizal like Angono. But that’s another story for another time. (“,)