Before the start of every New Year, I make it a point to list down my resolutions/goals for the incoming year. This year, one of my goals is to upgrade my fashion style. Some people have told me that I’ve been playing the role of “cute girl” far too long – something I’ve also come to realize especially after going through my wardrobe.

Don’t get me wrong. Cute girl look is adorable. But not when you’re already in your late 20’s like me. I’m not a girl anymore. I’m a lady! But my current wardrobe doesn’t speak that! And so I’m making it a point to do some spring cleaning.
You know what that means right? Shopping!!! *squeals in excitement* 
I haven’t had much time to drop by the mall lately, walk around and check out outfits that I think would suit the new look I want. But that’s why I love that e-commerce in the Philippines is a booming business nowadays. Thanks to the power of the Internet, I can do some shopping online already. 
Zalora – this is my current favorite online shop to visit. So many lovely clothes to look at! Here are some of the outfits I have my eye on at the moment which I fully intend to buy soon as I can squeeze it in my budget. 

Chloe Edit Crista Short Sleeve High Collar Dress, Php1,795 
Celine Napoleon Polo Dress with Belt, Php1,499 
   Chloe Edit Printed Dress with jewelled collar, Php1,295 
Chloe Edit Crista Short Sleeve High Collar Dress, Php1,795 Kirsten printed blouse with chiffon overlay, Php795
Chloe Edit Printed Dress with sash, Php1,195
What I love about shopping in Zalora is that I can pay once the item is delivered. No worries about scam! Plus you can also return the merchandise in 30 days time if you wish to. You don’t get your money back but you’ll have it credited to your account so you can use it the next time you buy something from them. 
I’m excited about this project of mine! Of course I’ll be doing more outfit shots with my new wardrobe. Check out this fantastic online shop. Visit