I love my work. I do. I believe I’m one of those twenty-something peeps that got lucky finding the kind of career he/she wants to pursue. But sometimes, when it becomes crazy busy, it can get very stressful and it can take a toll on you physically, mentally and even emotionally. My friend from work, Maila and I can attest to that!

One work day over lunch, Maila came up with this idea of having something wonderful to look forward to on a Monday. It will be a mini-celebration of sort, a treat for us hardworking ladies after work and it could be a whatever – movie, a new resto perhaps, maybe shopping! – whatever it is, it has to be something fun that we would both enjoy doing. We’re calling this Pamper-Me-Monday. 
Tonight was the start of our many more Pamper-Me-Mondays (I hope! I hope!) and for our first ever Monday bonding activity, we went to Sci-Fi Cafe at Robinson’s Galleria. For the ultimate sci-fi geek, this is definitely one hella cool place. 

 Check out their creatively named menu:
Maila and I ordered the Supreme Man pizza with Milk Chocolate shake and Strawberry Iced Tea. The pizza was delicious but it’s nothing special.

We definitely enjoyed our first Pamper-Me-Monday and I am definitely looking forward to more of these. What do you guys do to unwind after a long day at work? Maybe you can suggest some things for us to do for our future Pamper-Me-Mondays. 

And if you guys want to know more about Sci-Fi cafe, you can read the write up on Click the City.