Last Friday night, I danced the night away…

I went with some friends from LEAP to Throwback Manila. It’s this really cool vinyl disco experience held at NBC Tent. Peeps who grew up to the music of the 70s, 80s and 90s trooped to The Fort last Friday for the ultimate blast from the past dance party!

In fact, our table had a bag full of goodies that just took us back to our childhood.

I loved eating this chocolate when I was a kid. 

Me playing with the plastic balloon

Mhay & Russ best friends having a good time with the slinky.
Ledge dancing with dance floor queens Shale and Louie

What’s a great party with friends without capturing the fun on camera right? Here are more photos of us at Throwback Manila. 

Serenity girls are party girls! 

Love, love, loved Throwback Manila! And I specially loved that I spent that night with these friends of mine.