Like I said before, I’m going to commit to blogging more now and attending Blogapalooza is a part of my action plans to learn more from the social media experts, do a bit of networking and okay to get freebies too. Ha ha! 

I did learn from the likes of Jason Cruz, Community Manager at Mcann Worldgroup Philippines and Ana Santos of Writer’s Block. From Jason, I learned that to make it in the online world, you gotta know what your strengths are and harp on that i.e. Good photographer? How about creating a photo blog! Not a very good writer? How about a video blogger instead? From Ana – oh I admire this woman, – I learned that if you want to pursue your dream of freelancing, you have to first have enough savings on your bank account and emergency funds to get you through those first couple of months when you’re still trying to establish your new career. That’s something I wish I knew when I suddenly quit my job a couple of years back (quarter life crisis!) to try out my luck as a freelance writer. And you also have to network, network and network (also something I didn’t have the guts to do back then). 

This is me joining Megaworld’s contest of posting a photo of one’s self on Instagram. I didn’t win though. But hey, this frame reminds me of when I used to handle LINE. That was the cutest tech account I got to handle so far. 
And here is me with Maila who happily went with me to Blogapalooza. That’s Vince Golangco of When in Manila, event host and also one of the organizers.

What I loved about the Blogapalooza event other than the freebies, learning and networking – There was a cool dance number from Project Awesome and through a collective effort of the Blogapalooza community, we raised Php82,000 in total through the Piggybank Movement which will be donated to help the victims of the Super Typhoon Yolanda. 
This was a very nice event for bloggers and businesses alike. I look forward to attending the next one again.