My third day of stay in Bacolod was a night of randomness! And it’s mostly because we woke up with a hangover from partying with tequila shots the night before. It took us quite a while to recover from that! We’re gettin’ old! Ha ha!
Shale took us to Bacolod’s Art District where Jaton decided to play DJ for the night with his iPhone hooked up on the sound system of this near empty bar we were at. Throwback 90s playlist. Love!   

We thought of catching the Masskara parade that night but it rained hard and what do you know – none of us – not even me who actually bothered to bring one all the way to Bacolod – brought an umbrella when we went out. 
In search of a pedicab, Jaton ended up drenched! To pass the time waiting for the rain to stop, we found ourselves at a spa. Jaton wanted to dry off so he had a steam bath while Shale and I waited for him with a relaxing foot massage. Foot massage in Bacolod winner!
We wanted to party again at L’Fisher Hotel so braved a mosh pit at Lacson street! But we didn’t get to do that because it had rained hard – that’s one quick way to dampen the party mood on an open air venue like a roofdeck party. No pun intended!  

We ended up spending the rest of the night at The Wine Cellar instead – it’s this very laid back, very nice drinking place also located in Lacson street. And guess who was there? Aga Muhlach! Still very good looking even in his 40s!   
We were just sitting there at the bar, minding our own business while everyone else outside the bar who saw him asked for a photo opp with him. Apparently in Bacolod, celebs are a big deal. After all, it’s not like here in Manila where the chances of bumping into a celebrity while walking in the mall somewhere are high. Gotta give it to Aga – he was very cool about it. 
And so who would’ve thought we’d end up not just seeing him there in person but even getting to talk to him? He asked our names, he shook our hands, he sat down with us for awhile and talked to us! So surreal but seriously a nice experience.
And while we acted cool around his presence, we couldn’t help but feel starstruck as well. Syempre! Big celebrity + gwapo pa niya! We just couldn’t let that moment pass us by without getting a photo narin! Otherwise, people probably wouldn’t believe us. Ha ha!