Allow me to kick off this post with a song from Geri Halliwell.
It’s raining men
Hallelujah it’s raining men
And at the 2013 Cosmo Bachelor Bash, that’s exactly what happened! My friends and I were able to score invites for the second year in a row at the most awaited bash that happens annually, every September. Actually wasn’t expecting to go anymore since I didn’t really spend a lot of time hunting Cosmo Bachelor Bash buttons in’s website this year but I got lucky so of course we went! 
And I am so glad I went to Cosmo University. So many hunks in one place! Woooooo! What a hot night it was! Here are photos of Mai and I with the hot men in the venue while the program wasn’t starting yet. 
These hot geeks from CK are my favorite eye candy on the floor: 
But of course I loved Cosmo Bachelor Bash even more when the program started!
Oh Daniel! I still can’t believe Heart let you go! 
Yummy Hideo! 
This was one hot initiation!
Am not much of a Rayver fan but he sure was a big hit that night especially with that banana bit! 😉 
JC De Vera’s a cutie! One of those centerfolds I was looking forward to seeing on the ramp! He actually resembles someone I know. 
Alden Richards, this year’s number one centerfold sure knew how to tease the crowd! And what a lucky woman!

I had a blast attending Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2013 at the World Trade Center. Even though my feet ached from standing all night long to watch the men work their thing on the ramp, I definitely want a repeat next year! I only wish I could get VIP seats so I could really be there right where the action is! I’d love to be one of those lucky attendees that gets pulled up on stage by one of the bachelors! Will somebody tell me how please? (“,) 

P.S. Photos are courtesy of my friend, Rappler and PEP. 
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