This is one of those super late blog posts (I do have a lot of backlogs) but I’m blogging about it anyway. (“,)

Just actually sharing the outfit I wore when I went with my friend and fashion blogger, Jordan at 2014 Fashion Week Spring/Summer collection back in October. Not very crazy about the show we saw – Creamsilk presents Luxewear collection – but I definitely appreciated Jordan taking me to watch.

I’m not really big on taking photos of the outfits I wear though I do like to dress up from time to time but whenever I’m with Jordan, he always gets me to take photos of my outfits too. Though I have no plans of following the footsteps of popular fashion bloggers like Camille Co, it can be kinda fun to do so based from experience.

This us after the Penshoppe fashion show which we didn’t attend btw! Just went in after the show for photos! Heehee

Anyhow, let me go show you my entire outfit…

My earrings and necklace are from Avon. I have a ton of these pretty accessory sets actually. If I haven’t told you yet, well, I also love accessories and Avon has a lot of these classy pieces. My shoes are from Nine West which I bought during our recent trip to Macau.

And my lovely dress? That’s Chloe Edit from Zalora. I had my eyes on this dress for awhile – including it in my wishlist even – because that’s how I do things now – curbing my impulsive shopping so I can truly be financially healthy. After awhile, I got a notice from Zalora on my email that some items from my wishlist were on sale and when I checked, this was included so I went and bought it!

I actually love shopping at Zalora. It’s so easy and convenient! And they have a lot of fashion items in their collection from dresses, tops, skirts, shoes, bags, accessories, etc! You can pay once the items are delivered right to your doorstep which is 1-3 days in Metro Manila and return an item if you change your mind or want to exchange it. Do try it for yourself at

More photos of me wearing my outfit below, feeling model at Fashion Week. (“,)

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