Confession: I am a big fan of Nina. I so adore this girl! Love, love, love her songs! Ever since Jealous actually. I love how cool and soothing her voice is.

Here are my ultimate favorite songs from the Soul Siren:

Why Can’t It Be – such a sad song. Heartbreaking in fact!

Someday – still sad but I love how hopeful the lyrics of this song are.

Someday someone’s gonna love me. The way I wanted you to need me.
One day I’ll forget about you, you’ll see. 

And Love Moves in Mysterious Ways. She’s not the original singer and I’ve in fact heard this song before but I only fell in love with the song when Nina sang it.

I’ve heard her sing live once before but it wasn’t a full blown concert. It was a corporate gig at a hotel. I’d like to catch her live performance again. Her and Freestyle. That’s gonna go on my bucket list. 
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