Last month, another friend of mine from College finally got married to her long term boyfriend in Tagaytay. I know! This blog post is one month late! But I figured February is actually a perfect time to blog about this wedding because it’s the month of love! (Yes, I’m just making an excuse! Ha ha!)

This is KitKath with her now husband, Jayson during their joint bachelor/bachelorette celebration at Ace Water Spa

A wedding is the kind of special occasion that’s supposed to bring a whole barkada together again. But we weren’t complete because Belle, one of our friends, wasn’t there. Understandably because her father had just passed away.

This is me with Marian, my ride to Tagaytay! The wedding was supposed to start at 2PM but when we got there thirty minutes earlier, the church was empty. So…we just roamed around the church area, taking pictures! 

This was early January so I wore a cardigan over my tube dress to keep me from getting cold.
I removed it eventually! Wanted to show off my tube dress!
 I love Marian’s outfit here. Actually think she’s never looked better than she does here. Married life is doing her good!
If you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re wearing royal blue because it was Kitkath and Jayson’s wedding color motif. We’re not bridesmaids, we just chose to dress up in the colors requested. 
The wedding reception was Sonya’s Garden and guilty as charge, Marian and I didn’t finish the church wedding ceremony because we wanted to explore the place before the rest of the guests arrived. So yeah, both of us were missing in action by the time the photos with the bride and groom were being taken at the church. 

And this is us inside the tent reception – naturally the first couple of guests to arrive.

Marian with her husband, Guwen.
Karla and me
And this is me with Jackie and my adorable godson, Jake. 

Karla and I are getting blindfolded here because well this is the part where the single ladies in the house are called up for that wedding garter game. The idea was that we had to find the safety pins that were hidden in the body of some lucky bachelor. The lady who doesn’t find one is it! I was so nervous during that game especially when I was one of the last two ladies who was still searching for a safety pin. Luckily, someone helped me out! Whoever lent me a helping hand that time, I say thank you!

Anyhow, these are my two favorite photos from all the ones I took. These two are my favorite because for me I see love in them, the kind I want to have someday as well. 

The bride and groom having their first dance. The way they looked at each other during that dance, it’s like no one else was in the room but the two of them. They only had eyes for each other!

And this…because someday, I also want a guy I can lean on to. Not just for literal support when I’m wearing high heels and the surface is uneven. But someone who will be there with me like I will be for him through thick and thin. In sickness and in health. For poorer or richer.

Anyhow, to my friend, Kitkath and to Jayson, I know you guys will have a happy and strong marriage because I felt the love you guys have for each other. Congratulations to the newlyweds!