So I finally got to eat at the famous Antonio’s Breakfast in Tagaytay and I have to say that it is such a beautiful restaurant!

I went here one Saturday last month with some of my LEAP friends to celebrate our one year anniversary. I’ve heard about this place already from another friend of mine who loves reading up about must-visit restos and we have always wanted to go.

I like how the sunlight illuminates the whole place. It compliments the whiteness of the restaurant. And goodness, Breakfast at Antonio’s looks so elegant! Sooo sosyal! 

In fact, the light in the whole place looks so nice that it actually makes the perfect setting for picture taking!

We went to Antonio’s for coffee and snacks. Yes, it was just one of the places we went to. Just a couple of the oh-so-deliciously-sweet desserts we ordered.

I’m glad I got to experience Antonio’s. I can cross that off my list of places to visit although I’d love to go back there with some of my high school friends and maybe even a special someone someday soon.