If there’s one place in the Philippines that I’ve been to more than once outside Metro Manila, it’s Cebu! I’ve probably been there about three to four times already but it was always work that brought me there.

It’s a beautiful place to visit so I want to come back there but for vacation! And when I do, this is where I want to be at!

Movenpick Resort and Spa!!!

I’ve never been here before but when I saw photos of this resort in Cosmo.ph’s Instagram page, I fell in love! And I just knew that when I go to Cebu for a vacation, this is where I would stay in the whole time! Just look at these photos:

Oh I can picture myself lying down in one of those lounge chairs,
reading a book, sipping fresh Mango juice and just basically enjoying
the view!

I can see myself having hot coffee here at their hotel lobby!

I love the color combination of apple green, teal blue and white! So chic and cool to look at!
I can see myself in one of those comfy beanie couches enjoying an outdoor movie with a special someone! That would seriously be a romantic date! 
And I can picture myself partying the night away too at their Ibiza Beach Club! 
And when I’m famished, I’d replenish my energy by eating at The Sails, Moeven Pick’s all day dining restaurant!

And since sooner or later, I would have to sleep, I can see myself lying in a comfortably big bed like the one in the picture! I love that it has a balcony too so there’s even a view from the room.

Yes, that’s definitely going to be a refreshing vacation to take! Betcha wanna go there too now, don’t you? (“,)