Nicholas Gene Carter aka Nick Carter, blonde and blue eyed baby of the Backstreet Boys and my first ever foreign celebrity crush has tied the knot!

I’m such a fan of the Backstreet Boys. Throughout my teen years, I collected the CDs, the tapes and the video CDs – The making of BSB documentary and concert videos alike and I bought the magazines that featured BSB. And I was head over heels over the youngest member of the band, Nick.

I super loved Nick’s cute and kinda cocky smile in this music video of I Want It That Way.  Never failed to make me swoon

I remember watching MTV just to see their music videos (YouTube wasn’t around back then) and screaming everytime their video comes on screen. And yes like a lot of teenage girls back then, I fantasized what it would be like to meet the boys in person especially Nick and what it would be like to be Mrs. Nick Carter.

Now one lucky woman, Lauren Kitt, gets to be her. Have to admit that while I’m still a fan, my craziness over Backstreet Boys, over Nick, is no longer as strong as before they took the break. But Nick, I will always and forever think of you fondly.

And now that my favorite Backstreet Boy is married, it still feels like a part of my childhood has ended… Oh well. Life goes on. No matter where life takes me though,  I will forever be a loyal fan of the Backstreet Boys.

Congratulations Nick and Lauren!