Here’s the thing – when it comes to buying gadgets, I’m a total girl.  While most people who’s out to buy a new gadget research about the best specs in the market and look for the product(s) that have those, I look at the design above everything else like I’m just picking out new clothes or shoes to wear. Don’t get me wrong – good specs are important when buying a gadget but if you want to close a sale with me, talk to me about the design first and then tell me the specs. I’m not a very techie person though the accounts I handle are in the business of technology.

The gadget must look stylish to appeal to me – proof 1 – my LG feature phone and proof 2 – my HP laptop. Well actually when it comes to PC brands, my brand of choice had always been HP mostly because that’s the brand that my Dad trusted. But now, I am officially declaring that I have made the switch! Now, I am officially a fan of Lenovo!

They make such stylish products with equally good specs. Here are the gadgets that I’ve got my eyes on:

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Ashton Kutcher helped design this tablet for Lenovo. He’s the endorser. Sosyal noh? I’m not really big on tablets – actually don’t own an iPad – but when I saw this, I thought I’d love to get one! See other than looking stylish, this tablet unlike the rest can stand on its own. It’s one of its three modes – hold, stand and tilt. And it has a long battery life of up to 18 hours! Amazing right?

I’ve been thinking about replacing my LG feature phone. While I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, I’m still thinking of buying another phone to use for work and I’m thinking of getting another Lenovo product – the Lenovo Vibe X.

It’s so thin – 6.99 mm and light – 121 g! I also find the silver color beautiful. But what I love most about this smartphone is that it’s got a 13 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front camera with 180 degrees wide angle viewing – so great for selfies! Plus this phone already comes with a lot of photo effects for those who like creative shots. Personally love the beauty effect. It makes you want to take a whole lot of selfies!!!

And as for PC, I recently purchased a Lenovo laptop to replace my old, clunky laptop at work. Meet my Lenovo Yoga 13″, another multimode gadget from Lenovo.

I’m super in love with the color! Clementine Orange! So fashionable noh? It’s also very light – I feel like I’m just holding a book or a handbag which is great because I hate lugging around the heavy laptop. It can be converted into four modes:

Tablet mode

I’ve recently started reading e-books and I don’t like reading it in my phone because the screen’s small. Since this laptop can be converted into tablet mode, I’m going to try reading e-books using this from now on. And that’s another reason why I haven’t bought a tablet yet. But we’ll see right? The Yoga Tablet is still very appealing to me.

Stand mode
Tent mode

And of course, laptop mode.

I also love that it’s black on the inside because it looks sleeker this way and at least this way when it’s dirty, it’s not so obvious. Haha! And did I mention that it’s touch screen? Pretty cool!

P.S. Photos are not mine. All grabbed from the net.