Confession: I never learned to put make up on until I was well in my 20s. 
In high school, the only “make up” I had with me was baby powder. In College, even when I studied in an all girls school, the only additional make up I had with me was a lip balm from The Body Shop. This is mostly because my Dad always said I was a natural beauty – “no need to put all that gunk in your face,” he’d always say. 
I had to give it to Dad – he always made me feel so beautiful. But I realized there’s also something really nice about wearing make up. It conceals the imperfections you see on your face i.e. dark under eye circles, dark spots caused by dried pimples etc. and overall it just enhances one’s natural beauty. And when you look good, you feel good, di ba?
So now, I make it a point to wear make up – most of the time. Ha ha! I still have my lazy days okay? But really. Nowadays, I embrace the “kikay” side of me. 
In fact, I enrolled in a personal make up workshop class to learn more about putting make up on: 
Learning the smoky eyes bit here
With my kikay buddy, Jackie

Me with Faith, one of those stylish and fabulous women I admire

The personal make up workshop was taught by Cecille Rebollos, a well established make up artist in the country. I loved this class because one) I learned so much from applying the right shade of foundation to eye liner to blush on and best of all, I learned the art of applying eye shadow – my biggest frustration when it comes to make up! 2) It’s a small group of students so she’s very hands on with each and every one. 3)And I got to take home make up from Underground by taking this class! 

Gorgeous Sessions by Cecille Rebollos has make up class schedules this May for both personal make up and basic pro. Try it out for yourself! It’ll be an educational and fun weekend promise! 
And since The Body Shop had a sale during Labor Day, I went make up shopping! I actually like The Body Shop because it’s beauty with a heart. It has ran campaigns against human rights abuses, animal protection and the environment! 
I bought a BB cream because I’ve read that’s actually more ideal to wear on hot summer days, brush on shimmer and bronzer because I wanna achieve that sun kissed look. (“,) And because I really love the smell of their Chocomania body butter and it was on sale, I bought one too! It smells sooooo yummy! 
Plus I got these freebies from The Body Shop!
My own Love Your Body card – this will definitely keep me coming back!

 Actually, I even got a free makeover from them because I asked the very nice and accommodating sales  lady at The Body Shop Power Plant branch how I would be able to achieve the sun kissed look using their make up products. 
Well, with my make up, pretty top and nice background, I just had to pose for a few photos. 
I likey my Eza green mesh top, so refreshing to look at, another outfit bought from Zalora! 

Yes, mahangin sa labas! LOL! 
I couldn’t stand the heat any longer so I tied my hair! 
I so love my sun kissed look from The Body Shop! Perfect for summer noh?