Could September be anymore exciting? Last time, I shared events that I’m very much looking forward to attending. Well now, let me tell you about a few of the fun, must-try activities happening this month.

1. Unleash the artist and wine lover in you… 

through the Sip and Gogh event that’s happening this September 12-14 at The Podium. According to their website, Sip and Gogh is the first-of-its kind paint and sip studio in the Philippines, a place where families, friends and even lovers can relax, socialize and enjoy painting together while sipping their favorite beverage – wine. Whether you’re an aspiring Van Gogh or just want to learn painting for fun, this is a great activity to try! What’s more is that you get to take home your masterpiece after. (“,)

Sip and Gogh studio is located in Quezon City but they have a special event happening this Friday-Sunday at Podium. I would love to try this and in fact, I originally wanted to try it this weekend already. But I’m postponing that for October. I’m just going to their studio in Quezon City to try their open session since I’ll get to pick what I’ll paint from any of their paintings in the art gallery. Maila wanted to try the Starry Starry Night but I’m not too crazy about it even though I know, it’s one of Van Gogh’s famous paintings.

Anyhow if you guys want to try it this weekend, visit Sip and Gogh’s website to reserve a spot.

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2. Go on a food tour adventure – a dessert tour adventure! 

Ayala Malls is holding a dessert tour around Glorietta and Greenbelt, Makati with Lori Baltazar, famous dessert food blogger. The first two runs were held just this past weekend but there’s another tour set on September 20 and 21. This is a great activity to try if you’re a foodie or simply a dessert lover. I’m more of the latter personally ‘cos I have a sweet tooth!

If you’re interested to know more about it or if you want to sign up, you can contact either Baron Travel Corp at 752-7448 or Rajah Travel Corp at 894-0886 loc 1300.

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3. Coffee lover? Craft a cup with JJ Yulo! 

This is another activity spearheaded by Ayala Malls. This time they partnered with JJ Yulo, another top food blogger to take participants around Glorietta or Greenbelt to not only enjoy the awesome drink that is coffee but also bring home their own coffee blends! This is set to happen on Sept 27 and 28 and then Oct 11 and 12.

Again if you’re interested, you can contact Baron Travel Corp or Rajah Travel Corp. I know I am. (“,)

*Photo grabbed from Glorietta’s Twitpic.

4. Watch an opera

Who hasn’t heard of Jose Rizal or his famous Noli Me Tangere? As it turns out it has been turned into a play! Really I didn’t know that but apparently it’s been around for some time now, with productions held internationally. It was even reviewed by the New York Times! And now the popular play has been brought to its home country to be staged at Resorts World Manila from September 11-28. For ticket prices and schedules of the play, visit Resorts World Manila events.

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Ohhhh I wish I had all the money in the world to spend to try all these! I find them all interesting and fun to do! But I guess I’ll just have to pick one or two for this month. I’ll let you guys know which ones I’ve tried of course. (“,)