Yesterday was the first day of the 5th Philippine International Motor Show at the World Trade Center in Pasay and I was there. I’m not planning on buying a car anytime soon (it’s always traffic in the city so I take the train) and I’m not a car enthusiast either (I was really there for work) but I know how to appreciate looking at car displays especially when they look so beautiful – they’ve been waxed, buffed and they look so shiny and new!

The theme for this year is “Progress in Motion” and it’s participated by different auto brands such as Suzuki, Nissan, Kia, Honda, Mitsubishi, Lexus and Toyota to name a few.

I think Suzuki displayed all their car models in their booth. But the Suzuki Ertiga is their latest car model unveiled last July. It’s a 7-seater car and it’s dubbed as a Life Utility Vehicle, combining a hatchback’s compactness and maneuverability, a sedan’s style and comfort and a sports-utility vehicle (SUV)’s space and stature. This car is targeted for families as well as business executives.

This here is the Suzuki Swift 1.2, another one of Suzuki’s star car models highlighted during their 30-minute presentation. I actually like the subcompact style of this car! And it’s actually targeted towards young professionals like me and first time car owners. If I was in the market for a car, I would definitely consider this because it’s also fuel efficient.

I’m not a fan of motorcycles and I don’t harbor secret fantasies of meeting a cool rider like Michelle Pfeiffer on Grease 2 (riding motorcycles scare me) but if I did, I probably would like him to be riding this motorcycle. It looks like a pretty cool ride. Nakaka-gwapo.

Here are some of the other gorgeous cars I saw inside World Trade Center:

The Volkswagen’s Beetle – this is another dream car of mine. Not this design particularly but the style of this car appeals to me plus this is an iconic brand.

Mazda 3 – another gwapo car!

A car display from Lexus, a luxury car. Look, even their model’s outfit is simply elegant to look at.

At PIMS, they also displayed iconic cars at the lobby area of the World Trade Center.

An old boyfriend used to drive an old Benz like this. And when I saw that he traded his Gallant for this, truth be told I was shocked and horrified. Haha! Yeah, yeah. It’s a classic car but still, old is old.

I also saw futuristic car models at PIMS. Check these two out:

This Honda futuristic car looks so maangas. I bet a lot of the fellows checking out the car exhibit would love this car. I personally like the first car, the Toyota Fun-vii. According to what I’ve read in Inquirer online, it’s designed to connect wirelessly with infrastructure and surrounding roads and users can project images onto its exterior display panels. The “Vii” stands for Vehicle, interactive, internet.

Here are a couple of other interesting things I saw at PIMS:

It’s been years since I saw this bus! I don’t know if there are still buses like this on the road nowadays or if this display at PIMS means it’s being brought back. I suddenly felt like I was back in the 90s when I was still a kid because that’s when I remember seeing this bus.

And oh look! It’s Ironman hamming it up for the camera! I just had to take a photo with him. A photo opportunity like this is something you just don’t pass up.

So anyway, that’s my visit at PIMS. If you’re a car enthusiast or you’re thinking of buying a car, you should definitely check out the 5th Philippine International Motor Show which will be at World Trade Center until September 21. There’s so many things to see here!