The usual way that my cousin/roommate, Mark and I bond is over watching TV series during the weekend. Let me tell you about some of the shows we’re glad are back and shows we’re looking forward to watching this October.

We’re big fans of Shonda Rhimes so Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy are on top of the list of shows we always look forward to watching on the weekend and are therefore very glad that both shows are back!
Finally Scandal is back for Season 4! And now we know where Jake and Olivia went – to some far away, secluded island where they were surrounded by blue waters, sunshine and white sands. Though of course I’m very glad that Olivia is back in Washington, the new questions that have to be answered are 1) Why is Cyrus Beene angry that Olivia’s back? and more importantly, I’d like to know 2) What’s gonna happen to Olivia and Fitz now that they’ve seen each other again? 
I’m such a fan of the Jake-Olivia-Fitz love triangle and very much torn between the two guys. I don’t know who I’m rooting for anymore! I used to love Olivia and Fitz together until Jake came in the picture. And then just when I’m all for Jake and Olivia, Fitz does something that makes me root for him and Olivia again. 
Definitely excited to know what’s gonna happen next on this show. And can I just say that Abby and Quinn are looking more fabulous this season? 
While I still miss the earlier seasons of Grey’s where there were more quotable lines and memorable characters, I’m still a fan of the show. Season 11 recently premiered now without Sandra Oh’s Cristina Yang this time. I think it’s going to take some time to get used to not having her around. But overall though Grey’s still got me and Mark hooked. I mean, now we’ve got Meredith’s half sister story twist to look forward to for one. Wonder how she’s gonna take it? Speaking of Meredith’s reaction, I’m very much curious as to why she didn’t seem too thrilled that Derek chose her and their family over the career opportunity in Washington. She didn’t want to move in the first place. And now that everyone else from the original cast is gone – Izzie, George and Cristina – now, Meredith’s new person is Alex. Hmm…that could be interesting. 
The Winchester boys and Castiel! I’m looking forward to watching Season 10 of Supernatural this October 7. After all, my favorite Winchester, Dean is now a demon! What’s gonna happen to their demon-hunting days now that he’s one of ’em?  
This is the newest show that Mark and I are hooked on. It’s been added to our list of shows to watch just recently when my cousin was looking for a new show to follow while The Vampire Diaries, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy were still on hiatus. My favorite character is Wendy. She reminds me of Phoebe Halliwell from Charmed – only she’s way older – but she’s the spunky one in the group. 

I’m excited to know what happens next to Damon and Boni who were both left on the other side which was destroyed on Season 5’s finale. And from what I’ve read, Stefan has a new love interest! Wait what? Won’t there be a Stelena (Stefan and Elena) reconciliation? Although at the start of Vampire Diaries, I had always rooted for Delena – (Damon and Elena) because I always thought Damon’s the hotter Salvatore brother. But you know over the course of the show, Stefan has grown hotter and endearing to me. Anyway, whomever his love interest is, I just hope it’s not Caroline! Please don’t go there TVD writers! Because you’ve made Caroline the slut of Mystic Falls – Damon, Matt, Tyler and now she’s into Stefan?! I’d love it better really if she got back with Tyler or better yet, Klaus though I know, I know, Klaus has his own spin off show now – The Originals. 
This is another Shonda Rhimes creation people! I’ve read good reviews about the pilot episode which makes me all the more excited to watch it myself. But I haven’t! Well only because Mark doesn’t want to watch it just yet until there’s about 2 to 3 more episodes to see. He feels that if he watches this now, he’ll only be left clamoring for more and he hates that feeling especially since US shows are only shown once a week so that’s quite a long time to wait. I promised him we’ll watch it together so I’m waiting too.