I really got into the Halloween spirit of things this year! Aside from spending my October nights watching scary movies at home, I also attended a Halloween party at Picasso Boutique Serviced Residence held last Thursday night.

When I saw this invite, without hesitation, I said “YES” to going. I mean, a Halloween Carnival themed event, that’s definitely different from the first ever Halloween party I attended with Maila at Izumi Sake Bar. Plus I’ve always wanted to check out the rooms inside Picasso Boutique located in Salcedo Village. But I didn’t get to do that though because I was late since I still came from a back to back meeting at the BGC area.

I was told that there were rooms at Picasso that were dressed up like horror houses and the hotel/party guests could tour these rooms. But it was already close when I arrived. Tsk tsk. Late kasi ako! 

Anyway, I was ushered inside the main party room instead where the program was just about to begin. These are what I saw when I got there:

When I first set my eyes on the place, I was like “WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!”.  I felt like a kid going to a circus. It’s soooo cute noh?

Various games and activities were prepared by Picasso for their Carnival themed Halloween party. The first of which was a human bingo game. This served to be an ice breaker activity since guests needed to go around the room and mingle with the other party attendees to find people who fit the different categories in your human bingo card. When I approached one of the women in the party who looked like she was in her late thirties or early forties already, I asked her if she could sign under the Been to Divisoria/168/Greenhills category of my bingo card. But she told me she’s never been to any of those places before. I don’t know what I felt more. Shocked (?) since you know I feel like any city person would have had at one point in his/her life been to Divi/168/Greenhills if not at all three places! Or maybe judgment ko lang yun talaga na mukhang nagpupunta sya sa Divi! Ha! Ha! Or embarrassed(?) for asking her to sign her name at said category out of all the possible categories.

I didn’t win that game. I was too slow. Ha! Ha! Plus I thought we needed to fill out the entire thing just like what was asked before when I attended a BDJ event a couple of years back. Turns out, we only needed to fill out five boxes in a pattern (horizontal/vertical/slant) to call BINGO!

This little man right here? He was so into the BINGO game, he didn’t realize the winners were already declared so he came up to the ring master aka the party host to give his “winning card”.  He was just given this cute stuff duck as a consolation prize. (“,) Later on in the party though, his name would be picked out from the fish bowl and he ended up winning a gift certificate for a room accommodation at Picasso. It was definitely his lucky night!

The party was really for the adults that night so there were games like the Beer Pong!

And a drinking shots race game where the men were pitted against the ladies.

Well it’s the fellas who emerged victorious from this game! Alam na! Ha! Ha! Ha! 

And because it’s a carnival themed affair, a magic show was inevitably part of the program.

I normally am not fond of magic shows. But Mr. Magician’s tricks were pretty entertaining. And he knew how to work the crowd!

See how amused the audience were? Even those in the couch were watching him do his magic intently!

Did I mention that this was a costume party? The invite said to “Come in your playful and colorful costumes”. Check out these costumes which were a mix of horror and cute and playful:

Bumped into Marga at the party! She’s a batch mate from highschool who works at Picasso!

She looks pretty scary, doesn’t she? 

Actually, I think most, if not all those who I found in costume were employees of Picasso Boutique. See, they had a Best in Costume award for Male and Female. Most of the guests I saw at the party came dressed as they are – with a few who just had glitter tattoos on their faces.

These adorable kids were the youngest party guests

I came as my fabulous self with colorful bracelets para masabi lang I actually  followed the dress code. 

I was initially thinking of bringing my dark angel wings which I wore as my last minute costume to a Halloween party at Izumi Sake Bar. But I decided against it since I was coming from work and I had three meetings to go to that day! I didn’t want to lug it around.

Days before the party, I was seriously looking forward to attending. But that excitement started to wane out when the people I invited to go bailed on me. I sometimes think that’s the downside of being single, you know? No immediate plus one to events! Anyway, I was able to find a friend who willingly went. Anerine, my long time friend from way back 6th grade, attended the party with me. She was seriously late since she came from graduate school classes (program was already done when she arrived) but you know she more than made up for her tardiness by bringing her fun loving self to the party.

Only Anerine would be crazy enough to get in a tub full of balls and have her photo taken! And she’s not even drunk or the least bit tipsy!  
Whereas I simply did poses like these beside the tub. 

When Erin did that kooky antic, it was then I realized she’s actually the perfect companion to this party! It really turned out to be a very fun night! 
1. She loves taking photos and she especially loves getting her photos taken! I like that about her because I don’t need to ask her or force her to pose for photos. Automatic na sa kanya! Ha! Ha!
2. She has no qualms about drinking alcoholic drinks! I had about four different cocktails that night because she was like “let’s take advantage of the open bar!” 
We stayed at the balcony where we….
Enjoyed our cocktail drinks
the cool night breeze and this night view…

More pictures at the event! 
We took an usie with Marga when Erin arrived! Usie by the way is the official term for group selfie!

We ended the night getting coffee at Starbucks near her office. Anerine talked me into wearing these prop hats from Picasso all the way to Starbucks!

I had a whole lot of fun at the Picasso Halloween Carnival themed party. It was definitely what I needed to de-stress from the heavy work load I have at the office at the moment (We’re gearing up for a launch of a new and very cool product!). 

So how about you? How’d you get into the spirit of Halloween this year?