Before I got all caught up with work this November, I went on a weekend out of town trip with some of my friends. We escaped the city for awhile and went to the nearest getaway, Tagaytay to have lunch at Marcia Adams Restaurant.

This is one of the food places I’ve always wanted to visit ever since I saw a TV feature of it (I think it was on Lifestyle Network’s Listed). What’s so special about Marcia Adams? Well a visit to the place would make you feel like you’ve gone to Tuscany, Italy. Now I’ve never been to Italy before (though that’s in my bucket list), but I have had a glimpse of its beauty from Diane Lane’s movie, Under the Tuscan Sun.

We had a lunch reservation at 1PM. Some of us almost thought of changing our plans because we got caught in traffic on our way to Marcia’s. Thankfully we didn’t because this place was seriously beautiful to look at! And just look at how the sun’s natural light flatters this restaurant’s scenery, making it even more picturesque!

This path leads to the garden area of Marcia Adams where we had our lunch. While there were people who were dining outside as well (in fact the place was packed when we arrived), it was so quiet! We were all taken aback because truth be told, my friends from LEAP 55 are loud and noisy especially when Joms is around. In fact, we found ourselves having whispered conversations. Not that it lasted long though! We all got over the initial shock and were soon back to being loud and noisy. Ha! Ha!

Meet my LEAP 55 ONE LOVE friends 


The the view from the garden dining area. Very country side feel.

And this is how Marcia Adams looks like inside:

Rustic interiors and vintage looking chairs with hardwood tables. It looks homey doesn’t it? Like you’re at your grandparents’ place somewhere in the province. Flowers all around the place also added on to its charm.

Food at Marcia Adams doesn’t come cheap. Luckily they offered set meals – you can get an appetizer (either soup of the day or Amalfi Prawns), main course and dessert at around Php700.

Tofu chips to munch on while waiting for our food to be served

Amalfi Prawns – this was so delicious, I enjoyed it! And this is coming from someone who doesn’t eat

Some of my friends are into healthy eating so salads were also ordered on top of our set menu.

We ordered various main courses but I only have a couple of photos to show.

And the yummy desserts…

I enjoyed my meal at Marcia Adams. They were all for me cooked and prepared to perfection! Delicious!

I was able to meet the owner, Marcia herself when we visited. She’s such a simple woman with an inspiring story to tell. She told us that the restaurant was really a dream of hers and she once wished on a full moon for it. And with her husband, they went on to making that dream a reality – one day at a time. The restaurant started with just her, her husband and a few neighborhood moms she hired to help out and the income from the restaurant was just enough to get them by. But now? The restaurant’s this must-visit place in Tagaytay with so many clients and it’s continuously growing!
She said to us, “I believe that when the time is right, nothing will be impossible. Trust lang din kailangan.”

Marcia was so accommodating and had asked us to stay for awhile even after we all finished eating our lunch. Did we hesitate to do so? Of course not. The place’s ambiance was so relaxing, it was really a nice place to stay!

So we ordered wine while Marcia sent over complimentary tea for us and we huddled up to do some catching up with each other. It’s not often that I see these friends of mine but they’re a wonderful bunch of people.

Our chikahan lasted til the sun set. And the view at Marcia Adams Restaurant is as beautiful as it is in day light.

Wine while watching the setting sun 
Now I know why Marcia Adams Restaurant is a must visit when in Tagaytay and I am so glad that I’m able to cross another thing off my places to visit! Earlier this year, I was able to go Breakfast at Antonio’s with these wonderful peeps also. Read about that here. If you’re looking for a nice out of town date place or a good restaurant to dine with friends, Marcia Adams is IT.