It’s the last day of 2014. My how time flew this year. Parang kelan lang, I was writing my 2013 Year in Review and now here I am writing about my 2014 Year in Review!

So how was 2014 for me?

On Blogging

This year I found myself blogging more. Not yet as often as I’d like since my full time job gets crazy busy at times and just zaps the energy right out of me but still I’ve blogged more than I have in the past. I even got myself invited to a couple of beauty-related events (feeling beauty blogger! LOL!)

The two biggest blog achievements for me this year are: 1) Getting a new design for my blog. A design I super like! And 2)Being tapped to become a media partner of a really nice play!

Travel Adventures

The year 2014 started out with me flying off to Cebu for work. But even though I had to work, I considered it part of my travel adventures because I was there during the Sinulog Festival!

And this year, I visited Tagaytay more than once! I attended a friend’s wedding, I went to celebrate ONE LOVE’s 1st year anniversary, I traveled with Jordan for a weekend getaway at Crosswinds, and visited another restaurant there again back in October with some of my LEAP 55 friends.

The summer of 2014 brought me to two new places in the Philippines I’ve never to before – Ilocos and Caramoan Islands!

Just look at that pristine blue water. Just getting to see that made the long trip worthwhile! 

Mai and I in front of Paoay Church along with the other people we toured with

Food Adventures

This year I also found myself eating at new food places – some that I’ve always wanted to go to like Breakfast at Antonio’sMarcia Adams and Maple; a place that I tried simply because I like burgers: The Burger Project that I just read about  were simply recommended by friends who’ve been there before.

On Relationships 

This year, I rekindled a friendship with a long time friend – Erin. We lost touch somewhere along the way in 2011 – 2013. But this year I found myself hanging out a lot more with her again. She has even become the source of new discoveries for me such as introducing me to liking Persian food, the bliss of getting a massage and even getting up early on a Saturday just to grab coffee and hang out.

Another friend I found myself spending quite a lot of time with this year was Jordan. We even took our first out of town trip together this year!

I also hung out more with some of my LEAP 55 ONE LOVE friends this year. January of this year marked our first year anniversary (1 year since we all met each other from the leadership program we all took together!). This year I found myself traveling with them not once but thrice!

And I also met new and interestingly wonderful people this year!

My Secret Book Club! I joined earlier this year and this wonderful group of ours, a group of people who share the love of reading is continuously growing! Some of them are also bloggers, cool noh?

And then there’s Florian and Ver – friends of Ryan from work whom I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with quite a lot this year because I often meet Ryan after work. From coffee to dinner, we also attended a quiz night together and even watched a couple of movies!

Of course I can’t forget to include here Ryan and Mai – my two dearest friends.

Us three checking out the Ayala Triangle Lights Show – something that has become a tradition for us! 

Looking back, it’s no wonder I feel like 2014 just whizzed by! I was busy living life! I’m hopeful about 2015 especially since next year I’m going to reach another milestone in life – the year I leave my twenties behind (I will be thirty come July!). And while I don’t know what the future holds for me next year, I know what I’d like it to be – another year full of awesomeness – a year filled with love, joy and passion! (“,)  

What about you guys? How was 2014 for you?