They say that one of the things one has to do to usher in the new year is to do some spring cleaning and organizing. Well since my soft files are easier to clean up than the clutter I’ve collected through the years in my room (Ha! Ha!) – I’ve been doing just that and I stumbled upon old photos of me.

What a walk down fashion memory lane just in time too for Flashback Friday!

The early days of fashion for me meant wearing pants often even for work. And leggings under a dress!   
Fast forward a couple of years later though and I’m not the same girl anymore. Somehow, somewhere I discovered there was more to fashion than jeans ala Andrea from the Devil Wears Prada – except she had help from Nigel.  
Andrea went from drab to fab!
Last year, I even made a resolution to update my wardrobe. And I have every intention of continuing that resolution this year. I have come to love shopping for clothes – whether at the mall or online particularly, I’ve loved looking through the clothes display in Zalora! They’ve got so many gorgeous outfits for young women to choose from! 
In fact I’ve already got my eye on a couple of outfits! New outfits means more OOTDs to share! (“,)