And I’m back to the blogging world after enjoying another long weekend! How did you spend the past days? Were you one of the Pinoys who went to see Pope Francis or did you take advantage of the long weekend to go out of town for a vacation? 
Me? Well I stayed in town and did a little bit of exploring around the city. 
Ryan loves coffee and so I asked him to try out another coffee shop in Makati. We went to Yardstick in Esteban St., Legaspi Village. 
Aside from the usual black and white coffee you’d naturally find at the likes of Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Bo’s, Yardstick offers what they call concept coffee which is just a fancy term for special flavored coffee! Anyway more on this on another blog post. 
I also met up with Erin who just came back from her trip from Israel whom I promised I would treat to a massage. Erin loves getting a massage. We went to one of her favorite affordable spas in Makati – Touch and Heal. 
I had a bad experience with massages years ago where instead of feeling relaxed after, I felt like I had just finished an intense workout with my body aching all over and so ever since I’ve been iffy about getting a massage! But that wasn’t the experience I had in this spa. It was so good that I somehow I fell asleep while I was getting a massage – a definite first for me! 
And I went to Maginhawa street in Quezon City! I commuted by the way and that’s an achievement for me because I rarely go to that part of the Metro. I’ve read a lot about Maginhawa street being a foodie haven since it’s a whole street lined up with various dining spots and I have wanted to go there for quite some time already. At least now I can say I’ve been there! 
My ONE LOVE peeps whom I shared my Maginhawa adventure with  (“,) 
This is where we had dinner. I’ll tell you a little bit more about this in another blog post.  

I normally just stay at home watching TV series online or reading on a long weekend but I had so much energy considering I was barely back to work after the Christmas break when another long weekend happened.

So that’s where I was this long weekend. (“,)