I love stories. I love listening to them. I love reading about them. And I love telling stories too. I guess that’s partly why I was drawn to blogging and social media in the first place. When I’m not telling my stories here, I’m telling them on Twitter and Instagram. But just recently I found this mobile app that allows me to share my stories more – like how I tell them on a blog.

I’ve only tried it this week but I’m liking it because it’s like a one-stop shop. 
I can write a post. 
Or share a photo
Or even a video! 
What’s more is you can express what you feel through stickers

You can even check in to let your friends and family know where you are like in Swarm!
Here’s me on Dayre. Day 52 was all about attending Blogopolis 2015. Will share with you guys here my learnings from that event. 
I like that it has a news feed too because it makes seeing the posts of the people I follow easy. I just have to scroll down to see! All the people I follow currently are from other Asian countries. I think Singaporeans most – if not all of them since this past week, I saw a lot of posts from them about Chinese New Year. And I know Chinese New Year is well celebrated in Singapore. 
It’s pretty cool right? Dayre is available on both iOS and Android so download away! And let’s follow each other there too!