Milky and Sunny started out at Kapitolyo, Pasig, another popular foodie place. My friends and I had this place on our list of restaurants to dine in at (it’s a long list that keeps on growing!). A couple of months ago, while I was passing by Gamboa st. in Legaspi Village, Makati I saw that they were finally expanding to my part of town. No need to go to Kapitolyo!

One recent weekend, I finally got to try Milky and Sunny with some of my workmates. We had a media event at the building right beside where this resto was located. It was way past lunch time when we finally called it a day at work and we were majorly hungry by that time since we hadn’t eaten anything after breakfast. 
Initially, we wanted to dine in at Kitchen 1B but our remaining budget couldn’t afford it! Poor us. Ha! Ha! One of them suggested transferring to Milky and Sunny instead and that’s how I finally got to try it. 
I didn’t realize Milky and Sunny were the same owners of Yellow Halo, another resto I’ve wanted to try. The latter serves healthy foods and they had a space in Strata 100 Ortigas. 

This is how Milky and Sunny looked like inside. I love the color combination. It’s soo laid back and the combination of white, pastel blue and pastel yellow brightens up the place. By the way that’s Nicole in the photo, one of our pretty media relations officer at the office, a friend and for that part of the day, my model. Ha! Ha!
My dress from Tango 

They all said they loved my outfit that day. I had planned on taking an OOTD that day but this is the closest I could come to doing it. I traded in my high heels for the day for the comfort of Havaianas already so…

Meet my co-workers whom I all talked into taking a couple of photos while waiting for our food to arrive and whom I stopped from automatically digging in to their meal when it arrived just so I could take photos first – Ha! Ha!

Milky and Sunny offers a whole lot of comfort food. All day breakfast comfort food.

After the day at work we had, breakfast comfort seriously sounded great so we all ordered the rice and egg meals.

Tapa and egg rice meal 

Bacon and egg rice meal 

Longganisa and egg rice meal
Corned Beef and egg rice meal

I was so excited to finally eat! That’s my order right there – the chunky corned beef with sunny side up egg, garlic rice and veggies. I had high hopes for the place. After all, I’ve read some good reviews about it.

I was surprised to find chunky corned beef when it was served. I was expecting it to be the usual kind of corned beef you get from canned goods. I actually thought the waitress got my order wrong. It looked like pork to me. But I thought maybe I just missed that part in the menu. I let it slide. I even didn’t mind that the corned beef looked burnt. I showed this photo to Ryan and he said the same thing.

Here’s my confession: when it comes to breakfast rice, garlic rice is my absolute fave! I think breakfast meals wouldn’t be complete without garlic rice! Yes it was way past lunch time when we dined and may even be constituted as early dinner but we were at all day breakfast place and I did order a breakfast kind of meal so I just had to have garlic rice!

Milky and Sunny’s garlic rice was sticky. It was almost liked I was eating suman (rice cake). While suman is technically rice, it is not the same kind of rice you have with a viand because that’s a glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk. I was also disappointed because while there was some garlic mixed in the rice, it didn’t at all taste like garlic rice.

This meal of mine was bland tasting. It’s the saddest breakfast meal I’ve ever had actually. Saved for Eileen who ordered the longganisa meal and found it just okay, we all didn’t enjoy our supposed comfort food.

On top of our breakfast meals though, Nicole and I ordered desserts.

My order: Fluffy classic pancake
Nicole ordered this original french toast

You’d think the desserts would make up for the disappointing breakfast meal I just had. But the pancakes were also bland. They look like the instant hotcake you can buy at the supermarket but they don’t taste the same. In fact, I think I would’ve been happier with the instant hotcakes. My friend, Ryan also ate at the same resto earlier that day and ordered the pancakes. Like me, he was not happy with his meal. He wanted to treat himself to a good breakfast that day but ended up regretting his choice to dine at Milky and Sunny.

Nicole’s original french toast wasn’t bad. It wasn’t bland but it didn’t wow me either.

Would I go back to Milky and Sunny? MAYBE. And that’s a big maybe. I don’t know if I should chuck up the experience to the reason that the resto was on its soft opening when we tried it out. Or this branch is really not a good place to dine in at. I don’t know about their first branch in Kapitolyo as I’ve not eaten there. That one got good reviews from other people…

My Milky and Sunny experience didn’t bring me a pocketful of sunshine happiness or milky goodness. It didn’t give me the comfort of breakfast food I was looking for. It wasn’t worth the money I paid for.

Milky and Sunny
Eton Tower
Gamboa St., Legaspi Village
Operating Hours: 7:00am – 10:00pm