Earlier this year, I learned about the kind of consumer I am when it comes to gadgets – the official term or classification that marketers use. When it comes to gadgets like laptops and smartphones, I am a design trend setter because how a gadget looks is very important to me. I’m drawn to stylish, classy and colorful designs.

My first Lenovo smartphone, the S850 was all about the style.

It has an all-glass exterior and it’s thin and light too at 140g. Plus it’s pink – very kikay noh? The cameras aren’t so bad. It’s got 13mp rear and 5mp front camera. I used this most of the time for taking photos. It’s not so bad really. I’ve been using this for over a year now!  
Just last year, the Lenovo S850 was launched and I was contemplating on buying it.  Now I’m thinking of replacing it with this phone…

Meet the Lenovo VIBE Shot. It’s the newest flagship smartphone product of Lenovo. It’s designed to look like a point and shoot camera because it’s specifically targeted for the photo enthusiasts. I’m already very in love with the way it looks. It’s thin and light again and it comes in different colors: Carmine Red, Graphite Grey and Pearl White version! My favorite is the Carmine Red of course. That’s what I’m thinking of getting.

What’s so special about this phone? The unique selling point of this smartphone is its camera feature. Like I said it’s targeted for photo enthusiasts. The VIBE Shot has a dedicated shutter button, which can be used to instantly activate the camera function to snap the perfect shot. It also has an infrared auto-focusing (AF) system that’s twice as fast as conventional autofocus* and it’s the world’s first smartphone that has tri-color LED flash that ensures more realistic skin tones.

Plus the VIBE Shot is supported by a 16:9 BSI sensor, and optical image stabilization (OIS) technology so blurring is reduced should the camera accidentally move or shake and those features also allow for superior low-light performance and clarity for shooting images in darker interiors or at night. 

Whether you’re a serious photographer or a newbie, VIBE Shot can cater to you because at the flick of a switch, users can easily toggle between the camera’s Auto and Pro modes. The highlight of the Auto Mode is its Smart
Composition function, incorporating automatic scene detection and an onscreen
“point & shoot” guidance. The Pro mode, on the other hand, gives
enthusiasts manual controls like aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings,
enabling limitless compositions to unlock their creativity. Another world’s first
is the panoramic selfie feature that lets you take three selfies and turn them
into one that includes more people.

In terms of its other specs, the Lenovo VIBE Shot is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor, has an octa-core chip, 3GB of RAM and a 32GB built-in storage and also expandable up to 128GB through a microSD – great for storing all those photos!  

Anyway since I got my hands on a VIBE Shot demo unit, I tried its camera feature. 

And of course some comparative shots with my phone vs. VIBE Shot. 

Top photo: taken with my Lenovo S850 Bottom photo: taken with Lenovo VIBE Shot

Top left: taken with my Lenovo S850 ; Top right: taken with VIBE Shot
Bottom left: Taken with my Lenovo S850; Bottom right: taken with VIBE Shot

I’m thinking of getting the Lenovo VIBE Shot because of its camera feature since as I mentioned, I take a lot of photos using my smartphone which I share online on my social media accounts or on this blog. I figure I might as well invest in a smartphone with a great camera feature. 

If you want to buy VIBE Shot too, you can buy now via Lazada Philippines at Php16, 999 and you’ll even save Php1,000. If not, you can buy it through retail some time next week at Php17, 999. 

Autofocus: 20 milliseconds for range finding, 150 milliseconds for fine tuning,
24 frames per second focusing
. The IR Autofocus range finding is limited to 50cm,
therefore it immediately switches to infinity focus when it cannot find an
object within 50cms, making focusing 2x faster than conventional autofocus (Test
results may vary depending on test circumstances)