Every year, for a couple of years now, Ryan, Mai and I get together around the end of the year or at the start of the new year for a planning session. We like to sit down and talk about our adventures for the year with our planners on hand. 
I actually like setting goals and planning. It gives me a sense of direction. 
Allow me to share with you my goals and plans for 2016:

I still want to travel this year. Nakakaganda ng Instagram feed din kasi! Ha! Ha! Seriously though, there’s still so many places I want to explore whether it’s with my mom or friends. This 2016, I’m aiming to visit a country with visa. I figured it’s about time. Wish me luck!  


As I’ve shared on a previous post, I got promoted. The past four months last year I honestly sometimes felt like I was running around like a headless chicken. And I found myself going home really late from work. This year, I want to change that. 
This new year, I’m making it a goal to be more organized. I must be more diligent with note takings. More diligent with reading – whether it’s email, a press release, or whatnot. This year, I’m making it a goal to write down meeting schedules and not be super dependent on my Outlook calendar. 
I want and need to be more organized and more on top of things. I believe the saying “As above, so below” see? And if I expect the other AEs to be more organized at work, I need to set a great example. 
I also shared on a previous post that I started another blog, a collaboration among friends. Well the goal for that blog is to earn on the side. It’s still a baby but we hope that in due time we’ll be able to grow it enough that it can start bringing in traffic and attracting brands to work with us.  


In my 20s, I was very carefree when it came to my money. I shopped – a lot! Shoes, clothes, accessories. And when the item was too expensive for cash, I made use of my credit cards. I even had a gym membership that I rarely used. And I had no savings. There were attempts to save but I also cleaned that up. 
Well a couple of years ago, I decided to put a stop to that. I’m no longer an impulsive shopper. My friends can attest to that! Yey! This year, my goal is to really grow my money: savings + investments. 
Health and Fitness

I know a lot of people out there have a goal like this! Well I’ve honestly been writing this goal almost every year and I have been successful in kick starting it. But this year, the goal is not just about starting down the path to healthy living. This 2016, the goal is to stick to it. I’m already in my 30s after all. My body’s not as young as it used to be. So I want to really take better care of it.  
I also do have some mini-goals I set for myself this 2016. Such as:
Read more.

Last year, I barely cracked a book or a magazine open. That’s why I failed my GoodReads Reading Challenge too. I let work and TV rule my life last year. This year, I wanna change that. I love reading. I love getting lost in the story of the book. Or even just sitting down and reading a magazine. 
I actually set another GoodReads Reading Challenge for myself this year. I’m making it a goal to read 24 books again. 
Write more.
I don’t just mean blogging. Though that’s a part of it. But I mean write as in go back to writing stories. When I was younger, I used to write a lot of them. This 2016, I want to rekindle that passion. Actually this goes hand in hand with my goal of reading more.
Become a domesticated diva.
Okay maybe domesticated diva is quite strong. I just really mean learning to be more handy around the house starting with my room. Cleaning my room once a week at least. Organizing my accessories, my shoes, my clothes etc.  
And I also want to learn to cook real dishes. The only things I know how to cook are hotdogs and instant noodles. Ha! Ha! So this year, I’m challenging myself to cook maybe a pasta dish, rice and one or two other dishes.  
Well what better way to achieve these goals than by writing them down right? That’s why I love planners. And I know there’s so many to choose from. But I’d like to tell you the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Giving Journal is a very nice one especially since every claimed 2016 CBTL Giving Journal you are helping out the scholars of Real Life Foundation. 
I have my own Giving Journal for 2016 already but since I love Coffee Bean so much, I got an extra one to give out! Do you want one? Then join my giveaway with these simple mechanics:
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2. Tell me what are your goals for 2016? Comment it below. 


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