Last Tuesday, I finally got to watch Les Miserables the Musical at Theatre in Solaire Resort and Casino with Ryan and Mai Ann.

I’ve wanted to see Les Miserables since I first learned about it in high school. There was so much buzz about back then about Leah Salonga playing Eponine and then later on Fantine in the Broadway musical. Our school’s performing arts club moderator even held auditions on Les Miserables. And I’ve loved On My Own since I first heard Joey Potter sing it on Dawson’s Creek… But I’ve never seen Les Miserables until Tuesday night. Yup, not even the movie. Well, I wanted to see the play. And now I have!

I no longer am clueless about Les Miserables. I finally know its full story… And that scene where Eponine and Marius sing “A little fall of rain”, it made me cry. Seriously. So much feels! In fact, I even looked up Leah’s performance as Eponine on Youtube because I loved that scene so much and Ryan, being a big fan of Les Miserables, told me I should watch Leah’s take on Eponine because it’s so beautiful.

After watching this, I would have to say, yes, it is just so moving! Such a beautiful voice Leah Salonga has!

Of course, I had to pose in front of the Les Miserables backdrop as a remembrance. This is my only souvenir of the show aside from the ticket of course since I don’t really buy the memorabilia that are sold. Anyway, I’m so happy I watched it. Watch Les Miserables The Musical can now be crossed off my bucket list – though I would still watch this in West End London if I had the chance.