Back in December last year, my friends Ryan, Mai Ann and I decided to go on a Marikina food trip. Ver, another friend of ours lived in Marikina and so she served as our tour guide for that weekend. Earlier on in 2015, Ver also was my tour guide when work brought me to Marikina and I decided I’d make the most of my visit there by visiting the Shoe Museum.

Our first stop was lunch at Brad & Pit’s Ribshack. I thought this food place’s interior design was cute. Full of vintage stuff like an old radio, a phonograph and even a typewriter. I also like the writings on the walls – various quotes of inspiration written with chalk.

There’s even an old television inside Brad & Pit’s Ribshack. You’d rarely see a box TV nowadays. Appliance stores sell LCD TVs these days – technological advancement. Well, in our house you’d see two box TVs. We haven’t bought one of those LCD TVs since we figured they’re still working. But if my Dad was alive, those old TVs would have been long gone by now. He’d planned on getting one of those new TVs.

The menu is written in a long blackboard and chalk. You’d see here that this Cuban inspired food place in Lilac street sells very affordable ribs – their main offering.

Delicious to look at isn’t it? Ryan definitely loved this the most out of all us. He’s the foodie in the group.

Because I just love ordering fish fillet, I made it a point to order that too.

Fish and fries

We ordered rice to go along with our meals too. Overall, Brad and Pit’s Ribshack was an enjoyable dining experience. I normally don’t eat ribs but it looked very tasty to me so yes, I also helped myself to it. Really good for an affordable price! Ribs at other restaurants are quite expensive, you know. But at Brad and Pit’s we got to enjoy a very tasty, mouthwatering meal without it burning a hole in our pocket. Servings are big too! It definitely was a good start for our Marikina tour.

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