The week that passed kick started on the wrong foot at work. To say it was stressful is an understatement. But as I said, I’m trying to see the good things that happened to me and not the bad ones. So here we go with the week that was…

Dined in at a new place near our office: Gorky’s. 

I’ve been meaning to eat here since the first time I saw the place packed with customers. This week, my friends from work and I finally decided we should go. We had a stressful start to our week and we figured we deserved to treat ourselves and indulge in comfort food. This was our comfort food: pizza and pasta. It’s delicious by the way and affordable too.

Coffee with a friend after work 

As you know, one of my favorite ways to chill is by drinking coffee. And so when Ver asked me to meet up for coffee, I jumped at the chance. Ver’s become a good friend whom I met through Ryan. Always nice to hang with Ver.

Of course we went to CBTL where I had my go-to drink, English Breakfast Tea Latte

Had one of those rare just a chill kind of event

Work events usually have me up on my feet the entire time. I’m also either trailing an executive who’s being interviewed by a journalist, running around looking for something or someone and basically dealing with hunger pangs for hours since I don’t eat until after the event is done. Plus work events usually need a lot of preparation – documents to be written, reviewed, approved and printed. Executives that need to be sat down and briefed before engaging with the media. But not this event. All I had to do was secure the tickets, show up and that’s it. Nothing more to do. I could have even gone home already after that if I wanted to (strong rains however prevented me from doing so). While I waited for the movie to finish, I drank coffee at CBTL, I had dinner and just chatted the night away with my work colleagues.  

In fact it was so chill, I even had time on my hands to get my photo taken. This is me doing a movie night OOTD.