About a couple of weeks back, my work friends and I decided we should go and treat ourselves after a very stressful start to our week. And with us, a treat means food. So off we trooped to Alphaland Makati (the one near MRT Magallanes) because when Maila suggested pizza and I suggested Gorky’s because it was a new food joint we haven’t had the pleasure of trying just yet.


The place is always packed at lunch time and I thought hey it looks affordable enough so why not?

Me with Fate (the hoodie-wearing girl) and Maila (in stripes)

These ladies are just some of the people at work who make office life easier to bear especially during the really stressful times and fun to boot!

Interesting wall decor at a pizza joint

We ordered 1 medium Hawaiian pizza and 1 Bolognese pasta. Only cost us about Php600 total. Pretty affordable. And did I mention absolutely delicious? I couldn’t get enough of the pasta (I was tempted to order another one just for me except I was on low on funds that week already)  and the pizza which had a big serving. We didn’t get to finish the pizza surprisingly considering Fate has insatiable appetite!

Anyway if you ever craved pizza and pasta and you’re around Pasong Tamo area, drop by Alphaland to visit Gorky’s at the ground floor. I know I would come back.