So I decided to change the name of this blog series from Moments to What Happy Looks Like. After much contemplating, I realized the latter is a more apt description of what this series is about – they are moments of my life but they are to be more specific moments that made me happy. And yes, the title is from a book I read before – What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith.

Anyway, here are the things that made me real happy this past two weeks.

1. Ending up watching a movie with Ver that we didn’t plan to see in the first place band unexpectedly liking it 

Ver invited me to watch Me Before You. But while she did check the movie screening time, she didn’t buy tickets just yet and I didn’t probe. I guess we were both thinking since it was a weekday, there won’t be a lot of people in the cinemas. So we took our time. Ate our dinner in a leisurely manner and chatted away. And then we ran out of movie seats! Ha! Ha! 

She still wanted to watch a movie and I suggested Independence Day The Resurgence even though I’ve seen it. It doesn’t have a great story plot to it. In fact that didn’t do the original Independence Day justice but I’d see it for Liam Hemsworth. Ver instead suggested Achy Breaky Hearts and that’s how we ended up seeing this movie.

This film directed by Antonette Jadaone had all the feels. I could relate to Jodi Sta. Maria’s character and friends in this movie as they talked about the good things and not-so-good things about being single. I could relate to Jodi’s character when she was incessantly bombarded with the “Kelan ka mag-aasawa” question. I loved how she ended up finding fulfillment not by having a special someone but finding it in herself. Feel good movie. I’m glad she suggested it.

Ver and I in the cinema

2. Mark celebrates his 30th birthday at Red Box and I get free head charge

This Red Box get together is particularly made me happy for a couple of reasons. One, I finally got to hang out with my cousin, Mark again. He moved out of the house a couple of months ago so he could be nearer to his work place and since then I haven’t seen much of him. I missed him of course. So him finally going to Makati and coming to hang with me was a big deal! It’s one of those rare moments I was willing to haul my ass out on a Sunday – a rainy Sunday night. Plus since July is my birth month, my head charge at Red Box was waived. All I had to do was show my ID. Yay!

3. I had a get together with my ONE LOVE friends 

Three years after Leap 55 ONE LOVE ended and we’re still meeting up! And it’s always nice getting together with them. These people inspire me to make things happen in my life while enjoying it of course. Catch ups with them are always fun. It’s one of those moments that I would venture to Ortigas braving the rain and rush hour for a dinner meet up.

4. I got my very first fan sign! 

… Well technically I got a video shoutout. Anyway what matters is it’s a real awesome video shoutout from a celebrity crush. Have I ever told you guys that I have a crush on Kenneth from That’s My Bae? Ever since I saw them perform last year in Assumption College. He’s so cute. And my officemate knew about this crush of mine and so as a birthday gift, she got me a video shoutout from Kenneth.

I’d like to post the video but I don’t know how to download it from Facebook. Anyway kinilig ako. Ha! Ha! I think he’s really cute.

5. Experienced a fun Murder Mystery party! 

I decided I’d celebrate my birthday by having a party –  Murder Mystery party! Invited some friends to participate and we did it! We solved the mystery! I can cross that off my bucket list because I’ve always wanted to experience a Murder Mystery party. I’ll talk about it more on a separate post.

So that’s how my past two weeks had been. These are the moments that made me happy these past couple of weeks.