How to cap off a work week, especially one where you’re coming from an out of town trip and kick off the weekend? Go on a staycation at a posh hotel!

That’s something I recently did, checking in at Conrad Manila, a new luxury hotel located in Pasay City. It’s the hotel shaped like a ship near Mall of Asia with some rooms overlooking the bay area.
My reason for the staycation was a somewhat special occasion. My good friend from high school, Mark came by for a visit from London and he was only in Manila for a week so we squeezed in the weekend to hang out.

As majestic as it looks on the outside, the lobby area is also as majestic to look at.

I came from Batangas from a company team building activity and by the time we got back to Manila, it was raining hard – there was flood everywhere and the traffic around the airport area was very heavy. But all my exhaustion from the trip was washed away when I got to my hotel room in Conrad.

We had two double beds in the room and we had a bayside view. I would’ve taken a photo of the view from our window but it rained all weekend long so there’s really nothing worth seeing outside. As you can see, it’s dark and gloomy out.

Conrad also gave us a little welcome treat.

Aside from the bed filled with fluffy pillows and a nice, firm mattress, I loved the bathroom area of our hotel room. For one thing, it’s spacious! Like a walk in closet.

And check that out – there’s a screen in the mirror where you’ll see the name of the person checked in the room. Didn’t take a photo of the screen anymore since the room isn’t under my name. It was under our friend who is an airline employee who got us this room for a fraction of the regular rate! So there’s a little tip for you guys: if you have a friend who works in the travel industry ie. travel agency or airlines, try to see if the hotel you’re booking offers airline employee rate. You’ll get it at a cheaper rate. We got ours for about Php6,000/night. Normal rate at Conrad Manila is Php10,000/night plus tax and service charge.

My idea of a luxurious hotel bathroom is one that has a bathtub. Our room didn’t have that. But it did have this awesome rain showers. It has the usual removable shower head and then there’s the wall shower beside it which you can adjust directions of. The wall shower made me feel like I was being massaged. Seriously relaxing!

Plus it has this overhead shower too! I so enjoyed taking a shower here!

Conrad Manila also has a pool area. When it somewhat stopped raining, my friends and I hung out at the pool and took a little dip.


The water was ice cold!

What I also love about staycation in Conrad is that it’s situated right near the mall. Two malls actually – S Maison, the new equally posh mall located at Seaside Boulevard, Pasay and Mall of Asia so there’s access to everything and anything one can need and want – restaurants, coffee shops, movie house, shopping etc.

Group selfie with Jordan and Mark

I really had a fun and relaxing staycation at Conrad Manila. And yes I would love to go back there. I haven’t tried their spa and restaurant yet! Actually, I would like to do another staycation because I also still have a couple more posh hotels in the Metro I’d like to experience checking in at.

*photo credits: Conrad Manila FB page and Mark