Confession: I am not a watch person. It’s the accessory I least wear.

It’s not that I don’t like watches. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of watches that I imagined myself wearing from Swatch to Ice Watch to  Avon. It’s just that I keep forgetting to wear one. But I’m in love with a certain watch right now – the Moto 360 2nd gen.

It looks like your average watch right? Wrong! The Moto 360 2nd gen is actually a smart watch. It’s just that unlike most smart watches in the market, this one adopts the circular design of watches. I love the color of this particular watch – Rose Gold which is part of Moto’s fashion line of Moto 360 smart watches. They also have a sporty line for those who are very active in their exercise regimens.

My friend, Ryan always complains that I’m on my phone a lot. I have a tendency to keep on checking for text messages, emails, social media notifications etc. I actually don’t like checking my phone a lot especially when I’m in the movies since it’s so dark there, a light from the phone can be distracting to other viewers.

With Moto 360, I could easily check on notifications just by glancing on my wrist. All I need is a Bluetooth connection (to check on my messages and calls or glance at the time) and to be connected to the Internet (to get online notifications; play my Spotify music; check on my emails).

Oh and it also has this feature called Moto Body which tells you how active you’ve been in a day kind of like a pedometer that tracks down the number of steps you take, only better since it also tells you heart rate and calories burned. And you’ll get a summary of this on your email – just set it up.

It has been the only watch I’ve worn frequently. It’s such a cool gadget. And yes, like I said I love it as a fashion accessory that I have taken a couple of photos of me wearing it as part of my OOTD.

Outfit: Top and shorts (For Me) 
Outfit: Uniqlo dress

Outfit: Something Borrowed from Zalora 

I really love this watch. Sadly it was on borrowed time. Get it? (“,) I’m really not the kind of girl who gets swayed by new gadgets but this is one of those moments I’m thinking I should get one for myself. Can somebody just give this as a Christmas gift to me? (“,)