Confession: Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite occasions. It doesn’t matter whether I’m single or in a relationship – I actually like Valentine’s. It’s the day when you actually can feel the love in the air!

What’s my plan for Valentine’s? Well, since it falls on a weekday, I’ll be at work! Ha! Ha! And okay, I’m single so you won’t see me out on a dinner date. But you know, even though I won’t really be have big plans on the day, February is the love month and so even after Valentine’s Day has past, I’m still going to celebrate it somehow. Going to make it my Me Day.

And song for this love month? Well that’s gotta be Hailee Steinfeld’s Love Myself. I swear this song would make anyone love their single self!

I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s even without a special someone. Let me tell you some of my ideas: 
1. Spa Day!
I never was one for getting body massages. However I have a spa-loving friend and she takes me to really nice spas around the Metro. Nowadays, I like treating myself to a good body massage. It’s a great, cheaper way to de-stress from work than shopping (a favorite activity of mine!) and since I’ve been doing workouts at the gym, it’s also a great way to ease my muscle pains. A recent discovery of mine and now a favorite – a hot stone massage!

There are so many benefits to getting this type of massage such as easing muscle stiffness, increasing metabolism, improving blood circulation and overall melting away tension. 

2. Shopping!

They don’t call it retail therapy for nothing. If I have some extra cash to spare this Vday, you bet your boots I’m going to shop – maybe for shoes (because I really have a weakness for gorgeous shoes) or books. Not clothes just yet since I promised myself I’d buy after four months – when I lose weight! 

These are just of the shoes I’ve had my beady eyes on:

Nike Classic Cortez in Pink

Reebok Classic Leather Pearlized

I’ve honestly never been a sneakers kind of girl nor have I been very fond of pink (green is more my color) but these shoes are gorgeous and I want them! 

3. Nail Spa Day! 

My feet are the most abused part of my body – I walk a lot. I wear high heels often. And recently, it’s been even more abused because of my workout – I dance. I jump. I run. It’s only right to give it some loving by dropping by a nail salon. One of my favorite nail spas in the Metro? Nailaholics! 

Plus I wear a lot of open toe shoes so to make my feet presentable and pretty to look at, a visit to the nail salon for a pedicure is a must! 

4. Hair Salon Day 

They say a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. But truth be told, I haven’t been kind to my hair – especially last year. I kept bleaching it and coloring it (a fascination for red hair) and I don’t do much hair treatments specially after. As a result though, it’s been pretty dry and brittle. Woe is my hair! This year though I’m resolved to take better care of it so a trip to the salon for healing hair treatments is on top of my list. Try the Macadamia Hair Oil Treatment at Piandre! It”s love! 

5. NetFlix and Chill 

Ever since I discovered NetFlix, it’s all I ever want to do on my spare time! I love watching TV series and movies in this streaming app. Next time, I’ll tell you about my favorite movies for V-Day and my essentials for a great NetFlix night! 

6. Gym Time

Okay in terms of what I’m actually gonna do on Vday itself, well you’ll most likely find me at the gym on Valentine’s Day since I gotta keep up with my fitness goals! Speaking of which, I sure need to buy new stylish workout clothes!

Check these active wear out at Adore Me a brand that’s all about female empowerment and self love which I love! They’re I have to say I’m loving their products!

What are your Me Day V-Day plans? Share it with me on the comments section! I’d love to hear all about it.

Photo credits: 
Hot Stone Massage
Nike Cortez: 
Reebok sneakers: Reebok Classics