Confession: It was an old flame that started my love for Havaianas. 

I remember that very first pair of Havaianas – the soles were ocean blue with golden like waves design  on it and gold straps. He sure picked out a good pair to give to me because from then on, I would buy myself a pair every so often.

There was a time I loved wearing Havainas so much (because they’re so comfy and cute!) that I would wear them to the office. If I didn’t have a meeting to go to that day, it was the only footwear you’d find me in. Ha! Ha! I knoooow – not a proper office attire. But I was young and had not much care for fashion. So casual wear at the office meant wearing Havaianas to work.

I know there’s a lot of other people who love Havaianas and would be willing to shell out Php1k or more for a pair. Isn’t it a wonder an event such as Make Your Own Havaianas which lets you customize a pair by mixing and matching soles, straps and pins, exist and has in fact been an annual event for over a decade now.

Another confession: MYOH 2017 was my first time to attend the event. My friends from work, Eileen and Nicole are apparently big fans of the flip flop brand because they’ve been attending the event annually. This year, Eileen invited me to go – probably because I mentioned I’m in need of a new pair of flip flops.

So off I trooped to SM Megamall last Thursday to attend my very first Make Your Own Havaianas event.

This is me with Nicole. Eileen was going to take a photo of me posing alone in this glow in the dark backdrop but then this eager lady showed up so there pinagbigyan ko! Ha! Ha!

The annual event always has a theme. This year, it was all about the 90’s.

This was the view from the second floor of SM Megamall Fashion Hall. Not a lot of people down there. That’s because the event was really set to open to the public that Friday, May 12 to 14. Thursday was apparently for the fans of the brand and the media. Good thing really because I have little patience for long lines and I don’t like dealing with a crowd.

Also, I’m just going to note that design wise, this was quite simple. But you know, it’s the 90s. I’m not sure you can actually describe that decade much visually. Nicole and Eileen said the same thing. After all, they had been to the past MYOH events where they had themes like Japan (so hello cherry blossoms, ramen and sushi!). But I suppose the simplicity is also because this year’s MYOH is not just happening once. It’s going to be happening in different parts of the Metro and some provinces.

I honestly had no idea what was going to happen at the event. I imagined we’d actually be making our own Havaianas – like a DIY project. Where have I been living that I didn’t know what actually happens at this event? Ha! Ha! Frankly though, I’m relieved it’s not DIY because I have no DIY skill.

So I was handed this. Apparently, this is where you mark the box of your selected sole color, strap color and the pins you’d like.

Nicole showing me how the whole Make Your Own Havaianas work

And so I started to mix and match my own pair 

Check out the 90’s inspired pins 
I’m a little deep in thought here on what pair to create and what pins to put. So many nice options to choose from!

But well, I finally decided on my pair – actually two pairs. And this is me finally getting my own customized Havaianas done.

This is Karl – he was the one who actually did the work of making my own Havaianas

The pair is considered sold once the pins are put on the strap so it’s important that 1) you are set on the pin or pins you’re getting because once they’re placed, there’s no removing them (well it can be removed but it will take a long time to do so) 2) you fit your customized pair before the pins are placed to make sure they actually fit your feet comfortably (Nicole and Nikko had an issue with their pairs though they were not the ones at fault in that scenario). 

So here they are – the two pairs of Havaianas I bought! I got a little carried away truth be told. I was just going to get one pair. But well… they are cute!

I thought I’d get a pair in green ‘cos well favorite color 

Boombox pin 

And a shoutout to the 90s pin 

For my second pair, I thought I’d get a commemorative pair to mark my first ever Make Your Own Havaianas event!

In case you’re wondering about the sole design, that’s supposed to be a tetris game – at least that’s what I was told! 

I got a TV pin this time 

and a cassette tape! Remember cassettes? 

Meet Nic, Nikko and Eileen – the peeps who accompanied me at MYOH, guided me on what to do and oh yes, of course, took my photos!

Aside from the 90s music playing in the background of the venue, there was this 90s collage photo board.

Oh look! Pin ups of the 90s heartthrobs – there’s Leonardo DiCaprio, Nick Carter and Devon Sawa. I once thought Leo and Nick were twins! Cos well they’re both blonde, blue eyed and beautiful! I had pin ups of those three guys in my room before plus JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas). Hmm… I’ve only now come to realize that I had a thing for blonde guys when I was a teenager!

There was a photo of a young and handsome Prince William too but Nicole’s covered his beautiful face! Ha! Ha! I remember a lot of the girls from 6th grade class swooning over this British royal. I believe it was right around the time Princess Diana, his mother died when a lot of girls were hit with the British royal fever. Never had a crush on him though.

I enjoyed my very first Make Your Own Havaianas event and I so want to come back next year. Thank you Eileen and Nicole for bringing me with you! 
If you missed the SM Megamall Fashion Hall Make Your Own Havaianas 2017 event, don’t fret! Here are the other schedules and venues where you can catch the event: 
  • 📍May 18-21: All Flip-Flops Bonifacio High Street, All Flip-Flops SM Iloilo, and All Flip-Flops SM Tarlac
  • May 25-28: Alabang Town Center, All Flip-Flops SM Naga, and All Flip-Flops SM Cabanatuan
  • June 1-4: All Flip-Flops Robinsons Ermita, Sole Patrol Robinsons Calasiao
  • June 8-12: All Flip-Flops TriNoma, All Flip-Flops Ayala Cebu
  • June 15-18: All Flip-Flops SM Lanang Premier, All Flip-Flops SM Seaside, All Flip-Flops SM MOA
  • June 22-25: CommonThread Rockwell
  • June 29-July 2: All Flip-Flops SM Mega Mall, Red Dot Laoag, Centrio Mall Activity Center