I find history to be a very fascinating subject so a couple of months ago, I went to History Con 2017 at World Trade Center, Pasay. There were so much to see!

By the entrance, the ones you’ll see first are cars. A lot of vintage cars. 

Recognize this car? This is KIIT, an advanced artificially intelligent, self-aware and nearly indestructible car used by Michael Knight, a high tech, modern crime fighter from the 1980s popular TV show, Knight Rider. It starred David Hasselhoff pre-Baywatch days.

The VW Camper Van, a rolling symbol of for independence and freedom 
Inside the camper van
1928 Ford Phaeton
66 AC Cobra 302 Black

F3 Lola Race Car, the first high-tech race car designed and built by Mygale 

There were also these vintage Coca-cola bottles. Through the years, this popular soda has released various bottle shapes and designs.

Before the advent of push button and cordless phones, this was the phone. I actually remember using this kind of phone up until I was in College. No, I’m not that old! But we had a phone like this. 

A film camera. Before camera phones, mirror less cams and digital cams, people had to buy a roll of film to put in their cameras in order to take photos. I had a lot of film strips from College since my classmates and I enjoyed taking photos (I guess that’s what happens when you’re in an all girls school). Plus we had a photography class in College and we used film cameras.

Vintage bikes

Also found there one of my favorite cartoons when I was still a kid – Voltes V which is incidentally celebrating 40 years this 2017. I remember the famous phrase “Let’s volt in!” and this robot will be formed.

Also spotted Hello Kitty dolls at History Con. Sanrio and friends were all the craze back when in the 90s. Gift Gate, which has closed down the last of its store earlier this year, sold these products. Frankly, while I thought Hello Kitty was a cute cartoon character, I was never really fond of them.

And before I discovered a love for Wendys, Casper and Richie Rich comics and graduated to Archie Comics, I read a lot of Funny Komiks. It was pretty cool to see them again at History Con.

Old boom boxes at History Con – it was what John Cusack’s character in Say Anything movie was holding.

Mighty Kid shoes also a brand that became popular back in the late 80s to the early 90s.

And Jollibee toy collection! My Dad used to buy me these when I was a kid. In fact, I remember that I had these toys. I wonder if it’s still in our bodega or if my mom had given it away.

And check those old Sunsilk shampoo bottles out. I guess back in the day, long, shiny and straight hair wasn’t the definition of beautiful hair.

And back then, notebooks with celebrities on the cover were cool. Never did get on that trend. I liked cartoon characters more. 

An old pay phone. In order for it to work, you had to insert coins in it. Are these things still existing or has the advent of mobile phones made this thing extinct?

An old cassette tape by Manilyn Reynes. I used to sing her songs a lot mainly Sayang na Sayang  and Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso. Kids of today don’t know how a cassette tape works. But I remember that if I wanted to repeat a certain song, I’d have to press rewind and that takes a bit of time. Sometimes, I even use a pencil or a pen and I stick it in the hole at the center to rewind it manually if the cassette’s strips’ fell out. These days, we’ve got Spotify and all we have to do to repeat a song or skip to the next is click on the title. Instant! 

The old TV. We had one of these at home when I was growing up. Remote controls were not invented yet so in order to switch channels, you’d have to stand up from your seat and turn the knob.

The hoverboard made famous by Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future 2. Can’t believe this thing was actually marketed! 

And before cassette tapes, there were vinyl records on a gramophone. Yes, we had these at home too! What can I say? The house I live in belongs to my grandmother. 

And here’s a photo of the material girl herself, a young Madonna. I’m such a fan of this controversial pop icon. Love her songs! Like a Virgin, Material Girl, Holiday, Papa Don’t Preach…

So that’s my visit at History Con 2017. It was a real trip down memory lane. A wonderful trip at that.