Nope. I’m not about to dedicate a blog post about Usher’s song. Although the title is an homage to it. Actually the whole idea of this blog is derived from song titles. This blog is called Pieces of Liz because I took that from Ashley Simpson’s Pieces of Me, which for a time I listened to endlessly on repeat, and the tagline(?) It’s My Life and These are My Confessions are well from the Bon Jovi song with the same title and Usher’s song, Confessions.

I thought I’d make a weekly blog listicle (every Sunday) starting today because…

1)I’ve given up on the whole idea of on hand daily creative journaling. Yup! I know. I’m throwing in the towel because I’ve realized it’ll take a whole lot of effort to print photos when the topic I want to write about involves a picture and I just don’t feel like doodling or drawing even when I’ve colored pens around.


2) It’s my goal this year to regularly blog. I mean, sayang naman buying a domain name and paying for my sooo cute and sooo summery blog design if I don’t, di ba? Plus I still need a creative outlet and since it’s easier to upload photos and videos, share links, etc. and type my thoughts than writing by hand, this weekly blog listicle is a step towards meeting that goal!

So, let’s kick it off with my confessions:

This week’s highlights:

1) Saw big time Hollywood celebrities up close! 

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant were in Manila last Monday to promote the second season of Santa Clarita Diet, an original TV series on Netflix. This was such a surreal but nice experience! Who would have thought I’d get to see them here? I’ve always thought that the only chance I’d ever get to see a Hollywood star is when I go to the US!

I’m such a fan of Drew Barrymore (loved her as Dylan on Charlie’s Angels and loved, loved, loved her as Josie Gellar on Never Been Kissed). As for Timothy, well I’ve liked him as the villain on Die Hard 4 and as Sam, the twenty-something guy Carrie briefly dated on Sex and the City. My feet hurt like hell that night because I stood for hours in heels but all worth it to see these two!


2) A moment with the crush

I’ve been religiously attending a cycling class at the gym because I am so smitten with the instructor. My legs always feel like jelly afterwards but it’s always worth it just to see him even just for an hour. Of course I always wish for a moment with him. This week, the universe gave me that moment – a photo together and a boomerang IG story. I was drenched in sweat and I seriously don’t know what to do when someone says “let’s do a boomerang!” Or wacky for that matter but I gamely posed for a photo with him and embraced my awkwardness just for that brief shared moment. It’s always a good way to start the morning, leaving the gym feeling happy and inspired.

Current List 

Loving: My new ‘do

I used to dread getting my hair cut for fear that I might end up with a really bad haircut. I had some bad haircuts when I was younger. But now that I’ve found my go-to salon, Piandre, I’m not afraid to cut my hair short anymore. They have really good stylists there! And the service is great!


Watching: Been switching from Netflix (for a rerun of Friends) to iFlix (for Younger and a rerun of Scandal) 

Friends is such a classic! Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal, on the other hand, is now on its 7th and final season. I haven’t seen one episode of the current season yet and there’s a crossover between Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder episode which sounds really exciting! So if you guys know where I can maybe stream Season 7 or if we’re friends IRL, could you please share a copy with me so I can spend a day catching up?

Reading: The Time of My Life by Cecelia Ahern 

I started the year with a goal to read 12 books for my 2018 GoodReads Challenge. One book for each month. Well, March is almost done and I haven’t finished a single book yet. I’m hoping this book will be the first for the year. Currently on Chapter 8 and things are starting to get really interesting.

Playing: Imago 

My friend, Fate, got me to play this puzzle game and I am hooked! You can download that on Google Play Store or Apple iTunes.

Shopping List:

I have an upcoming vacation trip in a week! I haven’t made a list of things I plan to bring or outfits I plan to wear but some ideas in mind already. Thinking whether I should buy accessories, shoes and/or new clothes for Iloilo.

Looking at these fabulous earrings from February Lifestyle that scream summer ready!

These shades from Shop Nicole Syjuco. It’s currently on promo – Buy one, take one!

 And these sandals from Zalora.

Okay, so I guess that’s it for now. Another weekend’s come to an end and it’s the last work week for me before I go on vacation for the Holy Week! Have a great week ahead peeps!