May is almost done and summer is about to come to a close. Time flies sure flies, right? But who’s keeping check?

Well… I am. I can say that this month’s been about crossing things off my bucket list. After years of wanting to go, I finally got to explore Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan (watch out for my blog post on that!) and watched Sa Wakas The Musical, a play based on Sugarfree songs which I’ve been thinking about seeing since last year but never got to until now!

I tried to also visit the National Museum of Natural History over the weekend with my friend, Mai Ann. Unfortunately, we found there’s a snaking line to the entrance and we have no patience for such. We revisited instead the other building of National Museum, the one that houses Juan Luna’s Spolarium. Still a wonderful sight to see even though it’s been my third time to see it. If you haven’t seen it, go visit National Museum. Entrance is free anyway. Just you know, go there to appreciate the exhibits and not just take photos for the sake of the ‘gram. 

But yeah, I did take one #OOTD shot during my visit. Just one because I wasn’t really feeling like posing and smiling for the camera.

With May almost to a close, it also means it’s been a month since the fall out. It’s been a month of no talking. No acknowledging each other. I can’t say I like it but I’m dealing with it because I think this is the new reality. Months and years might pass and we’re never going to have the kind of relationship we had before. I wish we could rekindle of course. I thought what we had was almost a friendship.

Anyway, let me just move on to my currents because I have a few things I wanna rave about!

Current List

Recommended Watch: Sa Wakas The Musical

This is a play about the bittersweet story of a couple’s failed relationship based on Sugarfree’s songs. The play tells the story of their crushing breakup to the beginning of their starry eyed relationship. When I told Ryan about me wanting to catch this play, he looked at me in surprise and said “I didn’t know you liked Sugarfree.” Well I do. I don’t know all their songs but I do love Kung Ayaw Mo Na Sa Akin; Kwarto; Hari ng Sablay and Makita Kang Muli.

Anyway so I got lucky that this play came back this year and I told myself I wasn’t going to miss it this time around. So last Wednesday, I went to Circuit Makati to catch the play. Watch it! It’s really an awesome play. There’s still time. Last run of the show is on May 27. The one I saw was with Vic Robinson as Topper, the lead guy. I highly enjoyed his performance.

Also another recommended watch: The Kissing Booth

Actually I watched this Netflix original film last week about a girl who develops a secret romance with her best friend’s big brother and is faced with the dilemma of telling her best friend or not about it. It’s cute actually. And the big brother, Noah Flynn is a hottie!

Watching: Brooklyn Nine Nine

I’m four seasons late to the game I know! I mean it had been cancelled and saved by another station and I’ve only just started watching. It’s so funny! I adore Jake Peralta and am rooting for him and Amy Santiago. Nobody tell me whether they get together in the latter seasons please! I want to find out for myself! 
Listening to: Moving Parts by Trixie Mattell

I don’t watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race but Ryan does. He asked me to listen to this song because he said I would so relate to the lyrics. He was so right.

No one gave a warning to the breaking of your heart. Pick up all the pieces and go back to the start. 

It’s a country song about moving on. It means that even though there’s a piece of you that’s broken, you can still get through life when there are all the other parts of you that’s still there, intact.