Since it’s Mother’s Day today, I thought I’d tell you guys five things about my mom.

1) She’s a great cook.

In fact people love her cooking so much, it’s brought her a continuous stream of food orders for small gatherings. Her specialty is sotanghon. I want to cook food as delicious as she does. But eh, I’m such a lazy girl in the kitchen. I’ve tried several times in the past to cook with her supervision. They’ve turned out good naman. But I’m weak on follow up so here I am, still just wishing I could cook as well as my mother.

2) When it comes to gifts, chocolates are the best bet.

My Dad always said he has a tough time picking out a gift for my mom for special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas. She’s appreciative of the gift gesture but the question is always more like will she use it? I didn’t believe Dad’s claim so much until I experienced it firsthand. It was our first Mother’s Day celebration after my father’s passing and I wanted to pass on Dad’s tradition of giving my mom a gift so I bought her a bouquet of roses. She said thank you but also told me ‘sayang yung pera’ because flowers wilt and die anyway. Fail, yes?

It took awhile but I discovered chocolates are the best bet for her. I’m not big on chocolates so whenever someone gave me chocolates, I ended up giving them to mom. Her face lights up in real delight whenever that happens. So you know what I gave her this Mother’s Day? You bet! Chocolates!

3) She hates being late to church.

Sunday church is sacred for my mother so being late to mass is a big no-no. From all these years that I’ve been going to mass with her, I know that so well but to be honest, I still fail at waking up early to prepare for church often. I get this rude awakening on Sunday morning (that’d be mom banging on the door of my room consistently) and then she’d reprimand me for being late while she waits for me to finish drinking my coffee up ’til we get to church.

It’s such a stressful way to start Sunday morning I know. Trying to be more responsible now by setting an alarm so that Sunday morning won’t suck for me. I can’t blame her for not wanting to be late to church. It is the only time God’s asking from us, isn’t it? An hour of time on a Sunday.

4) My mother just recently joined the online world and loving it.

She’s not a very tech savvy person. In fact, for the longest time, the only gadget she’s owned was a feature phone. Then I bought her her first smartphone and got her on Facebook and now she’s constantly chatting with her friends on Messenger, sharing photos and quotes and whathaveyou on her feed, exchanging comments and just recently she’s started watching IWantTV on her tablet every night until she falls asleep. I introduced that to her ‘cos I got tired of my mom always rushing to get home to catch her favorite soap opera on TV whenever we go out. This way, she can catch it online and find out what happened on her favorite show the same night it aired on TV.

5) My mother can’t wait for me to a)have a boyfriend 2)settle down and 3)have kids

When I turned 18, on my debut party, she gave a speech as the mother of the debutante. You know what she said? She said she didn’t want me to grow up so fast. That I was still her baby. Oh boy! That narrative sure has change. Now a decade after, she’s been bugging me to find a man I can call my own. In fact, she’d tried to play cupid for me before without my consent! Thankfully, she learned to listen to her daughter that I was going to find my own guy, my own way at my own time. I haven’t found one though! And so my mother keeps bugging me still.   

But yeah, I love my mother to bits! She’s my rock.

Current List

Loving: Our new 32″ W60D series Sony Bravia smart TV

Before this, we owned a box TV. I know! So old already! But it was working so… Well it’s not working now. It finally conked out on us a couple of months back. Mom kept telling me we should buy a new TV but I’ve been putting it off. Until she finally told me she was getting a new TV with or without me.

And so we looked and we bought. That had to be the easiest transaction that sales guy ever had to make. Not a lot of questions except 1) What kind of cards are accepted and 0% interest 12 months at least? and 2)Can we watch Netflix with that?

Oh yes, so wonderful to watch movies and TV series now on a big screen rather than my laptop. It’ll never be the same again. It makes me want to buy a LazBoy next to really level up my binge watching experience!

Liking: Aztec clay mask

Nicole, my friend from work, gave me a small bottle filled with Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask a couple of months ago. People were raving about this. Finally, today, I got around to making a mask for a pamper me time.

It’s true. You’d feel your face pulsating as the clay mask dries up. But after washing it off, I honestly felt like my pores cleared up and could breathe. My face looks a little brighter. A little. Perhaps with continued use, I’ll see more of a change. But yeah, first impression? Definitely liked the mask!

Thankful for: The long weekend

It’s a break from the daily hustle and bustle. After I vote, the rest of the day tomorrow or rather later this morning is mine to do anything I please. Guess what I’ll be doing? Netflix!!!

But yeah, tomorrow we cast our votes for community leaders. Let’s all choose carefully. Choose people whose intentions for running are to serve the people not themselves. The country is in a shitty state right now politics wise. Let’s not drag it any further down the ground by not taking the time to think through the officials we’re electing in to position even at a barangay level. Remember, small changes can still have a ripple effect.