As I stared out the port where the motor boats that will take us to Guimaras Island, I felt the uneasy feeling I felt when we were about to go on our island hopping adventure in Islas de Gigantes again. Thankfully, the feeling didn’t last long as the trip is only 15 minutes short, the water was calm and we had the whole boat to ourselves because we rented it.

Just like Islas de Gigantes, Guimaras Island is visited by both local and foreign tourists for its picturesque beaches. It’s also famous for its mangoes, one of the sweetest in the world.

One of the places we visited during our trip to the island is the Guisi Lighthouse. There’s a Spanish colonial lighthouse in the place but more than that really, what I loved about this place was the beautiful seascape.

The plan in Guimaras was to hit the beach and swim. But it’s not something we were able to do. More of posing for the camera lang. At one point in our trip, the driver of the van we rented to take around the island stopped by in the middle of the road and pointed towards a blank space area where only grasses were around. We were told it was overlooking. Overlooking what exactly? Well that was actually also my question but you know, no matter. We went over to the area anyway and let our imagination loose as we took photos.

I mean, the place is still very nice for photos right? Nice blue sky in the background. I pretended I’m in Arizona in these photos. Kinda looks that way to me.

If you ever were in the area, you should try the mango pizza at Pitstop. Yes, mangoes on pizza. I know, sounds weird! Some people are weirded out with pineapples on pizza already. Imagine mangoes? I liked pineapple on pizza but I honestly was hesitant with mangoes on pizza.

Tried it anyway because I was hungry. One bite into this and it was love! It’s seriously sweet but not overpoweringly so because of the cheese! I wish I could have brought one home back to Manila with me.

Us the happy diners outside the restaurant. Our van driver was the one who recommended this place to us actually so kudos to him!

I think this was the highlight for me of our Guimaras trip. I wish we were able to actually find a beach to swim at because the resorts we were taken at were reminiscent of Laguna resorts – packed with people and noisy. Not exactly our idea of a beach getaway.

So that wraps up my trip to Guimaras Island and the entire Iloilo adventure. More of my Iloilo travel adventure in the city, Garin Farm and Gigantes Islands on my previous blog posts.