Where has the month gone? Just last week around this same time, I was exploring a foreign city in another land with friends with not a care in the world. Time flies so fast. Now I’m back in Manila and officially back to work.

So what’s on my happy list for today’s blog post?

1. Hongkong adventure with friends

This takes the top spot easily. I had three wonderful days of exploring Hongkong with friends. It was tiring but I would do it again and again with all three of them.

2. The unexpected late night coffee and dinner get together with a new friend 

I made a new friend recently. I met her at an art exhibit. She’s the sister of a friend at the gym. I’m drawn to her because her energy is just so light and easy. The conversation just flows naturally and my introvert self doesn’t have to struggle to come up with anything to say.

3. Joining my best friend and his family on their Sunday family day 

I like that I have a friend who’s known me for a super long time. Growing up together means his family has known me for a while as well and I feel comfortable enough to be joining them and not just my friend during their Sunday family time. Makes me feel like I’m somewhat part of the family too – extended family.