The first week of 2019 is almost over. Like a lot of people I know, I like to plan how my new year would go. Here are some of the projects I plan to do and/continue for 2019:

1. Continue the invisible money challenge 

My best friend, Ryan, told me about this a couple of years ago, something he read on the Internet. The invisible money challenge’s goal is for you to keep a certain amount of money and not spend it. Just save it everytime you get it and by the end of the year, count it all and you’ll find that you’ve actually saved an X amount of money that you can either choose to spend on something (as a reward) or save it in the bank.

I decided to keep Php50. Why this amount? Because I figured it’s in the middle. It’s not too low an amount or too big that I would end up not having enough money because I keep stashing it away. Last year, I think I got the hang of saving it. I wish I knew just how much I was able to save though because I didn’t keep track of it. I just made a habit of depositing all the Php50 I saved into my bank account at the end of every work week just so I wouldn’t end up spending them.

So this year, I’m going to continue that. Only this time, I’m going to keep track of just how much I save every week! Ha! Ha! I’m going to use the fund I save for my next travel goal: Osaka, Japan.

2. Try the 365 days savings challenge

I really want to be financially healthy. In the past, I tried the Reverse 52 week Money Challenge but wasn’t successful with that. Mabigat padin sa bulsa after awhile! But I read this 365 day saving challenge from Ana Gonzales’ blog and thought hey, this could work for me too!

How does this one go? Well, the idea is that everyday, you have to save a certain amount of money. For Day 1, which was January 1, you should have saved Php1 and then Php2 for Day 2 and so on until you reach the 365th day where the biggest amount of money you have to save is Php365! It’s significantly a smaller amount compared to the 52 Week Money Challenge or the Reverse version but the idea is to save and be successful at it! So, I’m giving it a go.

3. GoodReads Reading Challenge

I’ve been doing the GoodReads Reading Challenge for a couple of years now. I was successful in meeting my goal back in 2014 and last year where I challenged myself to read 12 books. I finished 13! I’m re-upping my reading goal for this year.


4. Be More Environmentally Conscious 

I have been reading so many alarming things about how we’ve been harming the environment. I know I have been feeling the seriousness of climate change but it’s only been recently that I’ve decided to do more of my share in helping to save Mother Earth. Late last year, I started with using steel straws instead of the single use plastic straws. Though I have not really been consistent. I also made the switch from using shampoos and conditioners in bottles to bars.

This year, I plan to be more consistent in being eco-friendly.

They are as good as the bottle ones. I just refrigerate them to keep them from melting. This is my third month using them and there’s still plenty to use! 

5.  Project 365 Photo Challenge

I was telling my friends the other day that I find that the time seems to just be passing by in a blur. For instance, I asked my cousins over dinner last week, how old they were already. I was under the impression they were just starting out College but was surprised that they’re about to graduate already! There are lakads with friends that I thought only happened the year before when in fact it has been two or three years ago! I am wondering what has happened to my year. What was I doing? Of course I remember significant events like travels but what of the mundane days of the year?

This is really already an old project. But I’m only getting on board the project this year. Everyday I will take a photo of something that would show how my day had been or what I did that day. I’m sharing that on Tumblr – feel free to visit and follow A Year in the Life of Liz.

So these are the things I will be doing for 2019 and I’m definitely excited to start them. What about you? What are your plans for this new year?