I like traveling and getting to explore new places but staying in the city can also be a welcome break. I’ve been wanting to have a staycation for awhile already. It’s been so long since my last one! Last month, I feel like I got an unexpected and early Christmas gift when it seemed like the Universe heard me and decided to grant me a staycation for free!

An acquaintance of my mom offered it to me after it was offered to him by Solaire Resort and Casino. Apparently he wasn’t a fan of staycations so he asked my mom, who’s also not a fan of such things, and then she in turn asked me if I wanted to avail it. And so, I got to stay in a luxurious five star hotel for three days and two nights. I brought along some of my friends too.
Meet Dom, Ryan and Mai – the three people who went on the staycation with me and made it an even more enjoyable experience.  
How I got there

Solaire Resort and Casino is located in Entertainment City in Aseana Avenue, Paranaque. Even if you don’t go to casinos, you probably have seen Solaire or at least are familiar with it since they regularly hold different shows like plays at the Theatre. I’m familiar with Solaire because I watched Les Miserables and Wicked the Musical there plus I’ve also been there for a work event once.  
There are two options to get to Solaire: 1) Hail a cab or Grab or if you don’t want to spend so much on transpo, you can ride their bus shuttle that’s available every 30 minutes located at the Mall of Asia, right across SMX. Because I didn’t want to fork over what meager cash I had left, I opted to wait for a shuttle ride. Good move? Not really.
It was raining on the day of my staycation. When I saw the Solaire buses lined up, I thought I was lucky! Turns out, all three buses were solely for Solaire employees. I don’t know if this is just my impatient self about to be forced to deal with waiting when I was tired and cold because it was raining non stop but I honestly couldn’t understand why there had to be such exclusivity! We were all going to the same place. The bus was certainly spacious enough to accommodate me too. I stayed at the mall for awhile for dinner and decided I was going to pass the time before I try my luck waiting for the shuttle again.
Anyway on the first night of my stay, I got lucky because I bumped into a friend from the gym who offered me a ride to Solaire. It was a short detour on the way to Cavite where she lives. I didn’t have to deal with waiting for the shuttle again.
Finally at Solaire!
The view of Solaire Resort and Casino from the outside is already enough to make you go “Wow”. Come inside and be amazed by the poshness of the place even more. I know I was. 
This large Christmas tree was one of the first things I saw when I arrived in the lobby area. Isn’t it a beautiful and sparkly Christmas tree? 
Looked up to the ceiling and I saw this elegant chandelier. 
The Room

Let me give you a quick tour of the room.

Welcome sweet treats from Solaire. We all got these treats. You just have to ask room attendant.  

I love the short message that came with the treat. 

One of the many benefits of staying in a posh hotel is getting to sleep in a bed as big, soft and comfy as this. 

I’m glad they have a bolster pillow. I love having something to hug when I’m sleeping since I sleep on my side. Not so fond of my head pillows though. They’re too soft for my taste. I like my pillows soft but firm. This one molds to your head.
I’m wearing a hoodie even when I’m already under a comforter. I’m really lamigin but still, the airconditioning in our room was way, way colder than I expected! We tried to turn it down and then we turned it off but the room remained cold as though you’re in a freezer! It seeps through the comforter. Move one bit and you’ll feel the coldness of the bed. It might also be because it was raining that it was extra cold when we stayed.
What to See in Solaire

Since it rained nonstop for the first two days and the fact that Solaire is far from the mall, the only thing to do aside from watching movies on cable TV or surfing the Net inside the room, is to explore the lobby and in our case, take photos! 


Restaurants in Solaire are expensive but they do have a food court. It’s not super affordable but shelling out Php200+ to Php500 a meal is your best bet! Unless you’re willing to go to the mall. For your coffee needs, there’s Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. There’s also the complimentary coffee and tea inside the room. 
While I was ordering at CBTL, a Chinese guy approached me and asked if I was Chinese. I don’t know why but I often get asked if I’m Chinese. Usually I get asked that by fellow Filipinos when I’m at the salon or when I get introduced to someone new butt I don’t think I look Chinese. 
Bath Time Fun
Isn’t it awesome to have a bath tub inside the bathroom? That’s my dream. When I have a house of my own, I hope to have a bathroom big enough to have a bath tub so I can help myself to a warm bath often and stay there until I notice my hands getting all wrinkly.
Well our room at Solaire had a bath tub so we had a little fun with our baths with the help of Lush’s bath bombs. I got two of them from a friend as a gift and I finally had the chance to use it! 
Bath bombs are the fizzy bath time treats from Lush that has essential oils. They have a lot of scents you can choose from and each offer an explosion of colors and scent once you put it in the tub. Mix at least two bath bombs for more colors that also make for an Instagram worthy photo.
Soak Up the Sun and Swim Away 
 Of course I did scope out the pool area too! It’s a gloriously big pool! 

Luckily, on our third day in Solaire, the sun finally showed up so we were able to go swimming. 


It felt like we were on a getaway somewhere staying in Solaire Resort and Casino and especially swimming there! You won’t hear the noise of the city! 
We ended our staycation by having brunch by the pool and then off we went our separate ways again to enjoy the weekend. A relaxing staycation at Solaire Resort and Casino – one of life’s wonderful surprises for me in 2018.